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A Dirty Little Secret

Some of you know that I, like many suffering from some sort of mental disorder, take a handful of pills. Some are vitamins and some are prescriptions. Dr.-Wacky-Pants-Pill-Pusher has thrown another one at me and this one took me way, … Continue reading

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A Handful of Pills

My husband saw my grocery list on the counter and asked if it was a list my son had made for the inevitable, dreaded shopping trip. I told him that it was mine. He responded by saying that it didn’t … Continue reading

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Scream a Little Scream

This is not an uplifting post….just a warning. Whatever my professional diagnosis, I teeter between a somewhat level emotional state and a “oh no, I’m slipping into the abyss”. Being that I don’t completely trust my psychiatrist (just as I … Continue reading

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medication madness

So, a twofer today. Sweet but short. Wait! That should be short but sweet, and I seriously doubt the sweet part. 😀 In a way, I’m quite frustrated with my life, but I’ll get over it. My pill pusher has … Continue reading

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