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Sunday With April

We have had some changes to our little way of life. Our youngest moved out, along with his dogs. We are empty nesters again…for the first time in 30 years we are also dog free. Could this be what has … Continue reading

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Sunday With April

This week, the following made me smile: A deep breath of the scent of freshly cut grass (yes, I notice this often) Pink blossoms on a Mimosa Tree (or Persian Silk Tree) They rearranged the waiting area at our veterinarian’s … Continue reading

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Sunday With April

Would you eat a grub if you knew it would cure something…..like depression? You know, one of these… Oh! I certainly would. I’d add a little Sriacha sauce, wash it down with one of my favorite beers, and I’d be … Continue reading

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Sunday With April

who is that person–the one staring back at me certainly not the same person of yesterday locked in a mind of darkness there was light yesterday with that person the one behind the mirror   I can still perform as … Continue reading

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Sunday With April

thoughts locked inside it’s what I do the person misrepresented is known by few can you hear the screams? Silence nothing is as it seems look into my eyes do you see the war inside? look beyond the glaze right … Continue reading

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Reflections on Sunday With April

I don’t have a list….well, not a long one. I have no resolutions, simply goals. I’m not sad to say goodbye to 2016 because I gained a lot of knowledge. (And our daughter got engaged!) There have been up moments … Continue reading

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The Little Things That Inspire

I don’t know if I can keep this up every day but here is another beautiful, warm-fuzzy. My hope when I started blogging was to inspire myself, to give myself pep talks, and to hopefully educate someone who doesn’t understand what it’s … Continue reading

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Then I Spoke

We’re all asked the question, “how are you”? And we respond with what we think people want to hear. There are moments…..if I really wanted to share, to be honest, I could keep someone standing, listening to me, for way … Continue reading

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Close Your Eyes

Every Christmas and birthday my husband has asked me what I want. My response, an orange tabby cat. That’s many years of responding the same way and never receiving that gift. On Christmas Eve, 2007, my kids rescued a cat … Continue reading

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Sunday With April

Hmmmm…..balance my bank account, catch up…once and for all, reading blogs….and the reading wins. A little edit here….I can’t catch up on the reading, for one, it’s Football Sunday and I keep getting distracted. For two, I am so far behind … Continue reading

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