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When I Become Spam

Catching up with other bloggers turns me into a spammer. I have “caught up” before and commented on various posts. Guess where my comments go after one too many? Yup, their spam folder. Since our youngest graduated from high school, … Continue reading

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Guess What I’m Doing?

When I blog, it’s because I’m avoiding something. This day, I’m avoiding my get-on-track-make-a-new-habit-routine. I have made a promise to read new blogs every day. Some days, I have to put the computer down….go do something…come back and read some … Continue reading

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….and she began to knit

I have learned some things in the last week. One, I’m going in the wrong direction with my weight loss program–not good. Two, I haven’t knitted for weeks. Three, I can’t read blogs and walk on the treadmill like I … Continue reading

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Sunday with April

During my rendezvous with Dr. Chill this week, I began our session with my whine, whine, whining about how frustrated I am with myself being able to stick to my goals. As she kept me talking, I recognized what I … Continue reading

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sympathy for my illness?

mass ignorance growing excusing behaviors artfully side-steping contradictions hidden insults defeat head hung low no longer defiant one voice is a whisper no more strength a whisper too meek defenseless i whisper no more who cares anyway as stupid can’t … Continue reading

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I challenge thee…

Thee is really me, but I thought that maybe a little of what I’m trying to accomplish may inspire others who suffer from Anxiety. I have been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, but I also suffer from Social Anxiety. With … Continue reading

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minuscule accomplishments are still accomplishments

I want to write I want to read I must not dilly dally I have people to feed Okay, in all seriousness, I’m going to write with little editing. I have to catch up on blogs that I enjoy reading, … Continue reading

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52 Weeks to improve my life

This will be a challenge for me because it’s 52 straight weeks. I’m struggling to accomplish thirty random days to accomplish a goal. My friend Sue, over at It Goes OnĀ is working through a book of 52 weeks to improving … Continue reading

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Oh for Pete’s Sake–Who Am I Kidding?

My declaration was a stinkin’ fantasy. A complete farce. I ended up with little bits of oil based primer in my hair, on my face, glasses, several door knobs, globs in the bathtub, splotches all the way up to my … Continue reading

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The Declaration of Momof3isnuts–for today

Today I will…….. Ignore the hound howling on the other side of the neighborhood. Work harder to accept the life our oldest son is choosing to live. Enjoy myself at the hardware store–which is easy. Find something to enjoy at … Continue reading

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