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Learning to be Helpless? Aw, c’mon

My husband has been taking a class, “Psychology for Living”. He has shared varying topics he has learned. He shares, I nod. Yes, I know about all that. I live that. The other day, he started describing, Learned Helplessness. Hmmm. … Continue reading

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If Dwayne Johnson can call himself a rock, then I can be a rock dweller

under a rock I wish to dwell (for clarification, not dwayne johnson) a big rock a place my ugly hides over the top,¬†others will climb, unaware who dwells beneath no more pretending no guilt by saying I’m okay I’m not … Continue reading

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Grandmama Was a Mean Little Rascal

I have held one grudge in my life, and that was against my mom’s mom. I held that grudge until the day she died, which happened to be the day after the death of my brother. The grudge no longer … Continue reading

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Running in Place

This morning, I stepped out onto our deck and looked over the part of our backyard sanctuary. The part of the sanctuary which isn’t marred by the overgrown mess of my neighbors quest to have a garden of everything planted … Continue reading

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Living With Adult ADD

I had been diagnosed with anxiety and depression by one too many doctors, but all my therapy and the medications given to me, were doing absolutely nothing to help. I was beginning to see some results of the therapy, but … Continue reading

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