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Wash and Dry

I have to pull a Whoa, Nellie! That’s the problem with Bipolar….mania. In my case I have what is called hypomania which only means that my manic phases aren’t as grandiose as that of someone with Bipolar I. Bipolar II … Continue reading

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Sunday With April

Some of what I found beautiful this week…. I love when people tell me they believe I’m much younger than the number of my years Some perfect weather with fan-in-the-window sleeping instead of a/c Good mammogram screening My husband finally … Continue reading

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Sunday With April

Amidst chaos, self-doubt, self-hate, changes…..look, and you will find some beauty. I have a list that has accumulated and some of what I have found to be beautiful are… Lavender, lots of lavender Sensible Girlfriend – she makes me laugh … Continue reading

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Warning Music Needed

I often wish life would simply roll along without any detours. By detours, I mean depression or massive anxiety. It would be so nice if my life were like a Hallmark movie. You know, with quirky updated elevator music always … Continue reading

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Travelling First Class in My Mind

Understanding what we think is what we become has been a long process for me. I’m really tired of feeling depressed, obsessed, sad….. Ugh, I’m so tired of the questions of what thoughts are swirling in my mind right now? … Continue reading

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Sunday With April

This week, the following made me smile: A deep breath of the scent of freshly cut grass (yes, I notice this often) Pink blossoms on a Mimosa Tree (or Persian Silk Tree) They rearranged the waiting area at our veterinarian’s … Continue reading

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Learning to be Helpless? Aw, c’mon

My husband has been taking a class, “Psychology for Living”. He has shared varying topics he has learned. He shares, I nod. Yes, I know about all that. I live that. The other day, he started describing, Learned Helplessness. Hmmm. … Continue reading

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Getting My Gutters Cleaned

Today we are having our gutters cleaned. My husband would usually do it himself but we live in a house with a very steep pitch to our roof. Since we have a basement the back part of the house is … Continue reading

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Jumbled Thinking

A jumble of thoughts passing through my mind. Mostly good and are helping me to continue to move in a positive direction, but some self-defeating. Back pain. Lying flat on the floor looking through a window at the cloudless sky. … Continue reading

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Red is a nice color

Where did our decency go? Before Facebook, Twitter……were all of us fake? There isn’t one color in the box that I find ugly. Each color has its various shades and brilliance. The only color that bothers me is beige. Blah. … Continue reading

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