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I used to be there I used to be here Here and there Did I choose the wrong fork in the road? No, I turned around Did I run? Walk? Crawl? Think? Wander aimlessly? Here I am How did I … Continue reading

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Getting My Gutters Cleaned

Today we are having our gutters cleaned. My husband would usually do it himself but we live in a house with a very steep pitch to our roof. Since we have a basement the back part of the house is … Continue reading

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Er, a check in? gah! I have no title

Well, hello! Yes, I’m still here and doing well. I’ve been keeping my mind occupied/busy doing things. I have convinced myself I have many health maladies that, when I’m sensible, I get to giggling. I’m thankful I can laugh at … Continue reading

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When the leaves finally fall

It’s pretty blustery today. I really don’t like these kind of days. The other day, it was cold, the wind chill making it even colder. I was on the upside of frustration, and reminded myself to let it go for … Continue reading

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Another Stinkin’ Cell Phone Rant

I forgot a ­čśÇ yesterday. We have a driveway that is just long enough for a car to park at the end of, and we are able to maneuver a car from inside the garage, around the car at the … Continue reading

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The Squirrel Bandit

A┬ácomplaint I often hear regarding anti-depressants, they seem to rob us of our personality. Since I would make a great candidate for Top Queen of Denial in some aspects of my life, I don’t pay attention to the side effects, … Continue reading

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Are You My Neighbor?

Quite a while back, I read an article with the headline, Woman Lived With Dead Husband for Weeks. Curious to see if it was another misguided story about the scariness of mental illness, I read the article. There it was—a … Continue reading

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