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What Can I Do?

With all the weather disasters and the latest shooting in Las Vegas, I have been thinking about death. A lot. Actually, before all the recent events I was thinking about death. Not suicide, just death. George Washington was here once. … Continue reading

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Trying Too Hard

Finding, or noticing, triggers for depression is very hard for me. Or maybe I simply ignore the triggers and keep on pushing until I break, only to find out that I broke over nonsense. I’m not one for change. It’s … Continue reading

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Another Attempt At Mindfulness

Again, I have started reading,┬áThe Mindful Way Through Depression. I have actually read the first chapter….twice! Well, four times if the other readings are taken into account. Anyway, the author points out how some of us living with depression think … Continue reading

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Warning Music Needed

I often wish life would simply roll along without any detours. By detours, I mean depression or massive anxiety. It would be so nice if my life were like a Hallmark movie. You know, with quirky updated elevator music always … Continue reading

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The Little Thought That Grew

Depression warning-you may want to skip if you’re having difficulty right now. Of all the years and years of dealing with depression—most of the time untreated depression, only once did I feel as if I wanted to end it all. … Continue reading

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Throw a Little Chaos Into It

Beware to readers who may be depressed at the time you read this. My intention is not to make you more hopeless because I know a new moment is coming to enjoy life….it’s just not right now. For months I … Continue reading

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The Cracks Will Eventually Fade

This is one of my metaphoric posts. I think if I visualize something I can make it stick in my mind. That little house in Nowhere, Missouri has really been a type of thorn in my side. Years ago…two? three? … Continue reading

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Learning to be Helpless? Aw, c’mon

My husband has been taking a class, “Psychology for Living”. He has shared varying topics he has learned. He shares, I nod. Yes, I know about all that. I live that. The other day, he started describing, Learned Helplessness. Hmmm. … Continue reading

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A Dirty Little Secret

Some of you know that I, like many suffering from some sort of mental disorder, take a handful of pills. Some are vitamins and some are prescriptions. Dr.-Wacky-Pants-Pill-Pusher has thrown another one at me and this one took me way, … Continue reading

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each day

Apparently, I have hoisted myself out of bed the last several mornings. Saturday morning I hid under the covers for a brief time but I did get up. Anyway, life hasn’t been all doom and gloom. I would rather write … Continue reading

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