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About April

I'll come back to this when I find out who I really am. I've been through some extremely rough patches but they have made me a better person. I blog if my brain is functioning first thing in the morning.

each day

Apparently, I have hoisted myself out of bed the last several mornings. Saturday morning I hid under the covers for a brief time but I did get up. Anyway, life hasn’t been all doom and gloom. I would rather write … Continue reading

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Get Back Up

Ha! I’m sure my titles really draw a reader in, but I blog to watch the progression of my thoughts. I got up again this morning. I felt worse than yesterday. I deliberately repeated sayings in my mind to pull … Continue reading

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Losing Control

I truly feel there is a Sleep Fairy who enters my room and sprinkles me with a blanket of frustration. It brings about self-doubt, self-hate, and lots of vulnerability. I have a morning routine before I place my feet on … Continue reading

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A Haunting in Georgia

I found a burlap sack. I placed all my grief, frustrations, self-hate, more grief, tears, the odd chemical in my brain which brings me to my knees, and my weakness in that burlap bag. I tied the bag with some … Continue reading

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Getting My Gutters Cleaned

Today we are having our gutters cleaned. My husband would usually do it himself but we live in a house with a very steep pitch to our roof. Since we have a basement the back part of the house is … Continue reading

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Finding My Voice

Originally, I started this blog by giving a voice to one of the many faces of depression. All the news stories about people on a gun shooting rage = mental illness, frustrated me. It’s possibly true of those people, but … Continue reading

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Growth of Dreams

Oh! I had the most wonderful dream the other night. It kind of surprised me. I have been paying attention to how I feel during my dreams so that I can work out what my subconscious is pondering. Anyway, I … Continue reading

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Comes and Goes

It’s easy to forget what I’ve learned about depression once wading through the muck starts. I don’t know what I have as far as a set diagnosis, but then I have a Dr. Wacky Pants. One thing I do know … Continue reading

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Sunday With April

Would you eat a grub if you knew it would cure something… depression? You know, one of these… Oh! I certainly would. I’d add a little Sriacha sauce, wash it down with one of my favorite beers, and I’d be … Continue reading

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Er, Can I Speak Now?

First and foremost, I know that there are people in the United States who are just as disappointed with the past election as I am. I know I’m not alone but someone out there may feel that they are alone. Not … Continue reading

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