Wash and Dry

I have to pull a Whoa, Nellie! That’s the problem with Bipolar….mania. In my case I have what is called hypomania which only means that my manic phases aren’t as grandiose as that of someone with Bipolar I. Bipolar II means depression is a little more problematic. I am hoping that I simply feel good and that I’m not succumbing to the mania.

Slow and steady.

Anyway, I feel like I want to zip around and catch up on all the crap I’ve neglected but there is so much! I woke up at 4:30 yesterday morning and I’m feeling too much of an urge to compulsively write.

Some of you may remember the cartoon, The Jetsons. I don’t know, it may have been remade so that another generation could enjoy it. I was never much of a cartoon watcher but The Jetsons, I liked.

They had a robot, Rosie, who waited on them and they had all kinds of space age stuff. They could push a button and be served food through a cabinet door (I believe), and Rosie cleaned up after them. They teleported through space in saucers and tubes but really didn’t do much of anything for themselves.

I wish I had a pod that I could step into each morning that would clean, dry, clothe, apply makeup, and fix my hair for the day. I suppose brushing my teeth should be added to the list as well.

I’ve discovered that getting ready to go somewhere is one of the many reasons why I dread grocery shopping.

Anyway, I got dressed and all that crap and went to the grocery store yesterday. I panicked as I entered the parking lot because it was full of cars. Luckily the cars mostly belonged to inventory takers, but they tended to be more on the side of aisle hogs than any shopper.

Ha! That reminds me of a t-shirt I must get. The front says,Β SometimesΒ I get road rage while walking behind people in the grocery store.Β I did learn something though, I can call my beer belly a sugar belly, who knew?

So…………I’m going to take a deep breath, inhale as much positive ju-ju that I can, work on my mindfulness, and prepare myself in order to fight against a depressive episode. Maybe the time between will be longer and maybe the medication I am on at the present moment might be the right tweak.

For now.



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I'll come back to this when I find out who I really am. I've been through some extremely rough patches but they have made me a better person. I blog if my brain is functioning first thing in the morning.
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8 Responses to Wash and Dry

  1. joey says:

    I have experienced cart rage a few times myself. Lawd.
    “When it’s time to go” is a bear for me, too. I’ve got a post by that title, even. I loathe the getting ready bits. I’ve made this better for myself by rising earlier and doing it in stages and ALWAYS allowing myself time to sit and stare at my trees, chat with my family, or play on my laptop before I leave. Better is good, but by no means a cure.
    There are days I’d like Rosie to feed me a breakfast pill πŸ˜›

    • April says:

      I know if I get right up and take a shower and such I am more apt to go somewhere but once I’ve made it to the couch and I’m still in my pjs, I REALLY have to force myself.

  2. One step at a time April…oh, and breathe. Apparently it helps us through the day…gently πŸ˜€ ❀

  3. Gallivanta says:

    Would have liked one of those pods today. I crashed out because of the heat. Barely left the sofa. Wouldn’t have minded watching the Jetsons whilst I was on the couch. πŸ™‚

  4. Glynis Jolly says:

    Nice to see you in a good mood, April. Sure, it could be the hypomania but then again, maybe it isn’t. Whatever it is, I hope it lasts a good long time.

    I like The Jetsons too. Wouldn’t it be great to never have to fix a meal again?

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