Sunday With April

The following made me smile this week:

  • My husband came home from another hunting trip
  • The Seattle Seahawks beat the New England Patriots
  • Our youngest son watched said game with me
  • Squirrel discussions
  • Sensible Girlfriend cooked dinner for us again
  • A slightly new morning routine – baby steps toward my end goal
  • I discovered one of our sons is a complete rule follower, just like me
  • The Pentatonix version of the song Hallelujah–here’s a link if you want to take a listen, it’s one of my favorite versions.
  • Kitty snuggles on a cold morning
  • cold mornings

I hope you find something to make you smile!


About April

I'll come back to this when I find out who I really am. I've been through some extremely rough patches but they have made me a better person. I blog if my brain is functioning first thing in the morning.
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9 Responses to Sunday With April

  1. Happy Sunday April! ❤
    Diana xo

  2. It is so nice to read your happy posts, April 🙂

  3. I really liked that version of Hallelujah too

  4. joey says:

    There is something fabulous about cold weekend mornings with snuggles 🙂 Nice list!

  5. reocochran says:

    I like when someone else cooks! I like when my hometown team wins (Cavs champs! Indians almost made the World Series. OSU sometimes winning bowls. . .)

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