When It Touches The Soul

Recently, I have read some blogs regarding feelings of instant attraction. Whether it’s to art or to people.

The people thing I understand and have most of my life. There were people I’ve met that I instantly had a connection with but I didn’t know them. However, from somewhere deep inside, I knew they were a part of me somehow. Ah, maybe that sounds a little crazy to some, but I’ve felt it….what can I say?

As for art?

Well, I’m not an abstract thinker. I follow all rules and directions in every part of my life. If there are no rules, then I make some hairbrained rules of my own to stick to. Therefore, I haven’t been too attracted to art other than pure photography—the kind that isn’t photoshopped to death.

Last weekend we perused the vintage store. They call it an antique store but I’m searching for that perfect antique shop with real old things. When did mid-century stuff become antique? Not in my mind, it isn’t.

Anyway, this time there were a lot of art pieces. Some abstract, some of flowers, some of landscapes. I noticed them. One inspired me to study it for quite a while and I found beauty in the painting. The brush strokes, the use of color, the chosen scene. I loved it.

Just as I have found in some people, I had to walk away from it. Like the timing wasn’t right as if the person or this particular piece of art didn’t quite fit into my life at the moment.

But moments they were, and they were worth keeping stashed in the part of my brain that sometimes gets fogged with depression and recalling those moments becomes a monumental task.

Something in me is waking up, and I kind of like it.

Now, maybe I will try to break some rules or, heaven forbid, I’ll try cooking something without a recipe. Hahaha!



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I'll come back to this when I find out who I really am. I've been through some extremely rough patches but they have made me a better person. I blog if my brain is functioning first thing in the morning.
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23 Responses to When It Touches The Soul

  1. aviets says:

    Interesting. And I think I know what you’re feeling. When I run across something that really speaks to me (and it’s often in an antiques store!) I always ask myself this question: “Will I be sad later if I don’t take this home with me now?” Sometimes the answer is no, sometimes yes. My daughter taught me that one, and it’s saved me a lot of sad. 😊

  2. joey says:

    I really like the way you packaged this post. Yes, I’ve had the feeling, too, with people, not so much with an object. I agree with aviets’s daughter, there are times the moment strikes, and regret will come if I don’t heed that feeling.
    rarely follows recipes
    I love rules, but rules don’t belong in the arts. 😉

    • April says:

      My brain is working a little more clearly these days. Could be the lack of the over medication. I agree with you about the statement that rules don’t apply to art. Maybe I should try to just draw and see what comes out. It would be a test to my need to create perfection.

  3. Bradley says:

    Throw caution to the wind and break those rules!

  4. reocochran says:

    I can see how people come into our lives when we are at a certain stage and they stay until we grow or change our paths. As a new mother, I enjoyed a few different fellow mothers, ones who were newbies, others who could give me first hand advice. I usually asked my Mom or sister in law most questions to hear their experienced perspectives.
    I have loved art since coloring with crayons in my 2 or 3 year old preschool days. I love art in museums and enjoy “real” antique shops where you can really find some outstanding art for reasonable prices, April. This was a very thoughtful and thought provoking post!

    • April says:

      This post was an examination of what I think about while milling around. There are specific actions I do but don’t want to so I keep exercising my brain until I figure out why I do what I want to avoid

  5. DO IT DO IT DO IT! 🙂 I love that your alarm has gone off and you are waking. 🙂

  6. Glynis Jolly says:

    Most of the “antique” shops I’ve been in have been more like junk shops. Still, on the east side of this little town, about five miles past the last major road within the “city limits” is a shop all encased in metal framing that has exquisite carnival and depression glass pieces and furniture from the late 19th century. It’s right off the interstate so it draws in the tourists, of course. I feel drawn to the depression glass despite being born in the 1950s. Somehow it speaks to me.

    I know exactly what you mean by the “connection” with people I barely know. I have a million questions for those people, yet I shy away, afraid I’ll offend them if I ask.

    • April says:

      Depression glass is wonderful. I keep hoping that I will find some replacement wine glasses to give me back a set due to my carelessness and breaking a couple.

      • Glynis Jolly says:

        April, if you could show me a picture of one of the wine glasses that are still okay, I’ll go looking for you here. There’s several good shops here actually. It’s just that all but one is about 45 minutes away. I have one been to one of those farther away.

        • April says:

          I’ll see if I can capture them so that you can see the design. One of the sets is from Germany or France, I can’t remember. My grandma gave them to me and I got a little rough washing one.

  7. I feel like that often. It’s why I bought that tiny little horse in Philly, and I think that was almost the first item that I felt that way about. Usually if it’s not people I feel that way about it’s places. Maybe reincarnation is real and those are just parts of us we left behind…

    • April says:

      I feel the same way about places. The Smokey Mountains in North Carolina are like my old stomping grounds. I feel so at home there.

  8. ecteedoff says:

    This is a beautiful post, April.

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