Sunday With April

This week has been full of breakdowns. Not me, just the things we have become accustomed to…first world dilemmas. The vacuum broke, the hot water tank quit working, and we are having issues with our computer. Also, since I shared my gratitude on Thursday, I’m having a little more difficulty seeing through the rotten things happening.

However, the following made me smile:

  • I received a postcard from my daughter with JP Patches adorning the front. Seattle area adults will know who I’m referring to, but you can find his story here. Yes, I am a Patches Pal and I received my first kiss from JP, albeit on the cheek, but my first kiss other than my dad.
  • finding that after two weeks on the Weight Watchers program, I’ve managed to gain weight instead of losing—no, it isn’t muscle weight either.
  • an entire weekend of sunshine
  • I’m almost finished with a huge use-up-my-yarn project
  • the presidential debates which aren’t very presidential-like
  • driving my son’s car–it’s a fun car to drive
  • the many blog posts I’ve read
  • no vacuuming for a couple of days
  • noting that on Thursday I was enjoying warm water which disappeared by Saturday.

I hope you find something to make you smile!


About April

I'll come back to this when I find out who I really am. I've been through some extremely rough patches but they have made me a better person. I blog if my brain is functioning first thing in the morning.
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13 Responses to Sunday With April

  1. I went on a bike ride today! Smile-check!

  2. CAROL GARNER says:

    your post make me smile. xoxoxo

  3. suzjones says:

    Pleased to hear that you’re smiling lovely lady. 🙂

  4. aviets says:

    Good job on the yarn project

    • aviets says:

      Hey, stupid keyboard, I wasn’t done yet!

      Anyway, I haven’t done any handwork since Christmas, and I’m itching to start a project but don’t have any ideas. I checked out the link to JP Patches, and he’s soooo creepy. Brave girl to survive a kiss from him!

  5. Glynis Jolly says:

    I’m surprised you found so much to smile about, April. Vacuums do break, and the Wal-Mart store is usually close by. Buying a new one is easy though does take more money than I like spending. The hot water tank not heating water is major stuff. In our ‘first world’ we don’t have those super large metal tubs so we can take a bath in the kitchen where water can be heated. A ‘broken’ computer is always always (yes, two) a huge frustration for me. It’s one of those things that’ll put me over the edge in a heartbeat.

    The weather is finally getting warm enough to spend a decent amount of time outside. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, I strongly suggest you take advantage of the great outdoors. I got out a little bit yesterday and I plan on getting out today too. 😉

  6. reocochran says:

    April, I liked the good stuff but was sad about your water heater, what a bummer! Vacuum cleaners sometimes are better replaced than “fixed.” Hope it will be okay to get one you really like. 🙂 The computers being “on strike” must be painful, too.
    Although cold, sunshine made a great Saturday to spend time at the park with my 6 of 7 grandies, son, oldest daughter and my brother who finished his country murals in a soon to open shop. The shop is located in a small town called Plain City. The shop, Bluescreek Farms, will sell naturally (grain) fed beef, fish and fresh produce. I was excited to see his huge murals on his cell phone but will go to Grand Opening on March 14th. Hugs and smiles to you!

  7. ecteedoff says:

    that happened with me with WW too – when i cut down and simplified some food, i upped my salt so i had water retention. also, i think my body was confused – it was really slow in the beginning. i’m not saying that’s happening to you, just trying to give perspective from another person on the program.. anyway, i’m still proud of you. you’re handling life so well and it’s, as per usual, inspiring.

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