Plans and Goals–Am I Setting Myself Up?

The next step I have taken toward improving my health was joining Weight Watchers. I have been on the program before and was successful, except I didn’t continue the lifestyle. Sensible Girlfriend has joined with me and will hold me accountable. In fact, I’ve already tried excuses to avoid going to a meeting but she reminded me why we’re doing this. In other words, my excuses fall on deaf ears.

As far as exercise yesterday, I visited that dreadful grocery store, ironing, and some light housework. Yeah, the stuff that does make up exercise but I don’t know how to quantify it.

One more action I took toward my mental health is returning to my photography club meetings. Last night the speaker was discussing projects he works on for years and publishes books based upon a particular theme. The presentation was interesting because most of his experience is with film he developed himself—a dying art due to the digital age.

The photographer who spoke last night, is trying to put together a workshop in Yellowstone National Park this Fall. I want to attend this workshop because my daughter lives near one of the entrances to the park. When we went there for her graduation, the park was full of visitors because of the season. So….I could go to the workshop and visit with my daughter. How could I ask for any better future goal/plan.

Anyway, one thing I always try to do when my mind is stuck in the muck is to make plans for the future. It could be for the next day or the next year. The follow through is what I struggle with.

As I trudge forward an evil, mini-April sits on my shoulder, whispering….you’re going to crash! This almost feels like a hypomanic state, and that always ends with a long term depression. My fingers are crossed that my goals to improve my mind and body, the crash won’t come to fruition.


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I'll come back to this when I find out who I really am. I've been through some extremely rough patches but they have made me a better person. I blog if my brain is functioning first thing in the morning.
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31 Responses to Plans and Goals–Am I Setting Myself Up?

  1. April says:

    I have been paying for weight watchers to months and have not stuck with it. I am hoping to get back on the wagon this weekend.

  2. ecteedoff says:

    I have been doing it for over a year. I don’t go to meetings but just track online. I’ve actually lost 60 lbs. – 1/2 to 1 lb. a week. It’s been a long process, but I try to see it as a lifestyle change, with tiny differences over time. Like any habit, it just takes time. The good news is, WW is realistic – you can have bad nights or days, you can eat your favorite dessert – just not every day and just not four of them. I hope you know I’m not bragging because 30 of those lbs I gained during my last depressive episode, so really I’ve only lost 30. I worry every day I will fall off the wagon, but I know it also helps my mental health and I try to keep that in mind. Let me know if you want any tips that I know have helped me. Congrats on getting out there! I know that feeling of hypomania well. What I try to do is slow down and not try to do everything all at once but maybe one big thing a week. I’m of course not saying I do this or it works, but that’s what I aim for. 🙂 You are doing great, you really are.

  3. mewhoami says:

    I noticed your weight loss on the side. You’re doing great! It’s good to know that you’re doing the WW program with someone else. She sounds like a terrific accountability partner. I’d say that instead of fearing the long term and risking the potential outcome of that fear, just focus on the here and now. It’s easier and much less overwhelming to work toward our goals just one day at a time.

  4. aviets says:

    Wow, I’m really impressed. I so admire your ability to take a deep breath and dive in. Looking forward to what I’m sure will be a success story. And how awesome that you can do a workshop in Yellowstone and visit your daughter. I know what you mean about having plans for the future. It really does help.

  5. Elouise says:

    Go, April! To Yellowstone, that is, with your camera…and of course the other stuff is also going to be great. I think you’re courageous to tell us what your goals are–whether you meet them all exactly the way you think you ‘should’ or not.
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • April says:

      Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Eloise. I put goals out there through my blog all the time, most I don’t reach but I’m still working on them. I must reach my weight loss and fitness goals if I want to reach that 100 year mark. 🙂

  6. joey says:

    Don’t talk yourself out of it 🙂
    WW works for a lot of people and I know several who swear by it! Plus, having a friend doing it at the same time should be a big perk!

  7. Glynis Jolly says:

    Hypomanic state – I like this term. I think I know what you mean. When I first started writing something other than blog posts, you know-writing stories, I was so happy to sit at the keyboard and type for two or three hours straight. Sounds like hypomania to me. That was two years ago, almost exactly. I’m still pounding away on the black keys, although keeping butt in chair for over forty-five minutes is something I have to fight with now. Nevertheless, it’s become a habit and I rarely miss a day of writing. My last day of non-writing was Christmas day.

    Point: make it a habit and you’ll be doing it even when you’d rather not.

    • April says:

      Yes, a habit….a good one. Hypomanic is more of a big burst of energy–and for me obsession over one thing or another–usually knitting. I’m not an expert on it, but I know what happens when I get this burst. I won’t let the depression catch me this time.

  8. Of course Mini Evil APril is saying that. All the more motivation to say “bite me little evil April”!

  9. You are doing your best to be healthy, both mental and physical April and you are worth it. One day a time 🙂

  10. smilecalm says:

    wonderful to have aspirations
    and helpful to have
    compassionate support 🙂

  11. reocochran says:

    I like having plans and usually they can be stuck to when said aloud to someone who “keeps track of me.” I have high hope for your Yellowstone adventure and good luck in WW, since I believe luck goes hand in hand in what we persevere with! Smiles and Happy Valentine’s Day, April! ❤

    • April says:

      Happy Valentine’s Day! By the way, I should have started this healthy lifestyle after the holiday. :/

      • reocochran says:

        Yes, Valentine’s Day is not the best time for a diet, April. What were you thinking?!! Just kidding. . .
        Have a treat and don’t kick yourself. There is a month and 2 weeks before Easter (candy day) 🙂 Remember we talked about baby steps.
        Oh, forgot to say so happy about your photography club meetings! 🙂 I like listening to people who really have accomplishes something with their “craft.” It helps motivate me.

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