Our Veterinarian is a Comedian

My big floofy cat had his annual with the veterinarian. He received his shots, I was told he needed to have his teeth cleaned–which I didn’t need to be told due to his dragon breath–and I was told he was overweight.

The advice I was given, was to exercise him. I received a reminder call to come in for a weigh in.

Ha! And Ha!

How does one make a cat of this magnitude exercise?



When he considers this exercise…



He is not tempted to follow little wiggly things, doesn’t chase a ball–pretending he’s a dog, only walks from room to room with an occasional jump on something.

He’s not overweight, he just has a lot of fur and big bones.


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I'll come back to this when I find out who I really am. I've been through some extremely rough patches but they have made me a better person. I blog if my brain is functioning first thing in the morning.
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21 Responses to Our Veterinarian is a Comedian

  1. aviets says:

    Gosh, I don’t even have a cat and I know that’s a loser of a suggestion. Did you just laugh at the vet? Oh, maybe you could send him to cat fat camp! (the cat, not the vet) 🙂

  2. Whoah! Such a big cat! 😀

  3. Was the vet trying to fat-shame the cat or you? I think it’s sad that even in the animal world people try to impose their own skewed beliefs on other species. Some cats, like people, are naturally larger than others. If one really wanted to know what their cat’s optimal weight should be all they have to do is make sure the animal is eating an appropriate diet (high protein, no grains/filler) and in a few months they will adjust and stay exactly where they are supposed to be, pending good health. This whole country needs to stop focusing so much on weight and focus instead on providing healthy food and environments.

    • April says:

      He eats exactly what the doctor prescribed and I have to buy it from him. I know that he isn’t overfed so I’m not sure what the problem is. He isn’t a purebred, but there has to be some Maine Coon in his background. According the the wall chart at the vet, he is not overweight. I’m choosing to ignore the vet on this one.

  4. Elouise says:

    He has lovely fur! And I’m with you–I can’t imagine coaxing this king of the castle to get off his throne and run for anything! Actually, he’s quite beautiful.

    • April says:

      Thank you. His fur is very hard to manage. He likes to be brushed and I have to stay on top of it all the time or I’m cutting mats off him and then he looks pitiful.

      • Elouise says:

        I can imagine. Ours doesn’t have fur that long, and it seems we’re always brushing him and never quite catching up!

  5. Holy Feline!!! Is that a baby tiger????

  6. Gallivanta says:

    Exercise a cat! Interesting thought. 😉

  7. Wow! I loved this post. And your cat! He’s pretty perfect in my book!

    We have a cat who’s also on the large size. She also has “anxiety issues” according to our vet. I took her in years ago because I suspected bladder or kidney problems, since she was using every spot in our house as her urinal. The vet took one look at me (I was very pregnant at the time) and my wild toddler, who might have been antagonizing our poor feline trying to yank her tail, and said…”She needs an antidepressant. She’s obviously emotionally distressed…some cats don’t take well to children.” She was writing up a prescription that I had no intention of filling just as the tech walked in with the urinalysis. Result: A raging urinary tract infection. I’m not saying she wasn’t a tad anxious, but I can barely afford my own mental health care. I adore my pets, but I was reluctant to heavily medicate my cat… I’m happy to report that 5+ years later, she’s managing just fine.

    • April says:

      When our son was living here with his overly active dog, he was very sensitive. He ended up with crystals in his urine, and the vet said that he was stressed. Well, duh, he didn’t like the dog but we placed him on antidepressants for a while…until the dog moved out with my son. All is well now.

  8. And exactly HOW did your vet suggest you exercise him? Treadmill? A couple of trips around the neighborhood on a leash? Cause we all know how cats LOVE that…

  9. reocochran says:

    This cat lying down looks like a regular “floofy” cat but in arms of your daughter looks pretty big! 🙂

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