if I had billions of dollars

Before my recent flight, I Googled ways to increase my chances of a free upgrade to first class.

Ha! There are way too many frequent business flyers that one has to pay for first class in order to obtain the empty seats. sigh There is no such thing as a freebie, especially when the airlines overbook flights.

Anyway, some of the sites I Googled led me to tips. One of them being taking candy to the staff at the gate, one suggested to dress for success. You know, wear all those binding clothes for a 5 hour plane flight. No, not for me.

As I sat at the gate people-watching, I took note of what others were wearing. The variety of styles were many, and it got me to thinking……

If I had billions of dollars, would I fly first class? Would I continue to wear a t-shirt, jeans, and Birkenstocks? Probably, because 5 hours is a long ass flight to be smooshed in among a bunch of sweating people.

Would I have my own personal jet? Probably not. Although the lure of not having to stand in the invasive touchy-feely lines, I would continue with my life pretty much as I live now.

There are a couple of things I would add to my life, and philanthropy would be at the top. I’m sure billions of dollars would most likely disappear rather quickly, but I would have fun spending it. I would hire a cook to go to the grocery store and to make sure we are eating healthy foods. I would also hire a personal trainer-nazi to get my body whipped into shape.

However, my closet would be filled with mostly Seattle Seahawks themed t-shirts and a couple of my favorite brand of jeans to wear everywhere. I would continue to wear my house clothes, which I’m sure my husband is tired of seeing. I may have to curb my fetish for designer handbags and shoes because, well—I would have billions of dollars.

But, I have just enough.

I have enough because I have what money can’t buy. Actually, money does buy my therapy sessions and my medications, but other than that, I think I would stick to just enough–and that is an abundance of love.

What would you do with billions of dollars?


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I'll come back to this when I find out who I really am. I've been through some extremely rough patches but they have made me a better person. I blog if my brain is functioning first thing in the morning.
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24 Responses to if I had billions of dollars

  1. I think similarly. I’d travel a lot more. I’d help a lot of people. I’d live very much the same. I could totally blow money on chic comfy clothes tho — cashmere “sweats” anyone? 😛

    • April says:

      Cashmere…wouldn’t they be a bit warm? Of course, wearing cashmere shorts could be an option. 🙂

      • Oh yes, I don’t know what you’d like there, but with billions, you could have all of your tees and jeans tailored to fit you perfectly. I like warm sloppy things.
        We had to run the heat this morning. Summer clothes have a short life here 😀

  2. When I have a billion dollars my funds will be distributed varyingly amongst properties we buy, fix and turn into affordable rental properties, “educational” trust funds for a select number of friends and family member’s children, our parent’s dream vacation property, traveling, our own charity program, all the random inventions my husband thinks of and enough in several bank accounts to ensure we can easily live off of the interest alone and are well protected from hackers and traditional thieves. I am eagerly awaiting that time I might add, I can’t wait to travel and help others.

  3. Yep, I’d have a chef for all our crazy dietary musts, and then I’d carry on as I am now. Just with a lot more charities benefitting 😉

  4. Gallivanta says:

    I would do the cook/shopper thing, too. Maybe a few massage and reflexology sessions. Okay, so that takes care of a few thousand; then what? 😉

  5. aviets says:

    Travel, travel, travel. And set up foundations to help people…high school kids who can’t afford college and need adults to help them navigate all the paperwork; parent education programs; some kind of foundation to teach people to THINK for themselves and not follow the idiots on Fox.

    • April says:

      hahaha! I could have used some help navigating that college paperwork. Whew! Still dealing with it.

      • aviets says:

        No kidding! Every time we went through that I couldn’t help but think of the kids who could benefit from college but have no adults to help them figure out all that crap. It was nearly impossible when we had two intelligent adults on the case, so there’s no way a high school kid could figure it out!

        • April says:

          Our son’s ex-girlfriend was on her own trying to figure it out. I did the best I could. Long story, but she finally got the help she needed.

          • aviets says:

            I’m not surprised you stepped in to help. It’s nice to know we can make a difference even without those billions of dollars!

  6. mewhoami says:

    Ha! I bet my husband is tired of seeing my house clothes too. But, when I get home every day it’s comfy time. I love how you ended this. Having what money can’t buy is having the best of all.

  7. Elouise says:

    Travel first class in my blue jeans, sneakers, comfy shirts, and blazers with big-enough pockets for my stuff and my very own snacks! Oh. Also travel exclusively in jets with those fancy sleep chairs and privacy shields. Places to go: So many I can’t begin to name them all. Then I would come back to my humble house–kept clean and orderly by a squadron of trustworthy cleaning men and women, kept in good food by a personal nutritionist who’s also an experienced chef and by a team of gardeners who know what to do with poison ivy and how to grow delicious, nutritious food and herbs. As for the rest of my billion, I wouldn’t have a clue where to begin to spend it all. Truly, I wouldn’t. The number defies rational thought.

  8. Whenever I have those “if I had a ton of money” day dreams I am spending it on others and giving it to people. I don’t see myself buying big houses or big cars. I see myself paying off my current house and current vehicle and then moving closer to my kids because I sell that house! I like the idea of creating jobs (hire a cook!). Yeah, it would be spent on doing things to get things done.

    • April says:

      I like the dream of being totally debt free. My kids could get their Master’s degrees without going into debt, and my mom could live where she wants and not have to worry about money. sigh

      • Those are the dreams April. Funny. I don’t dream of living lavishly. I dream of being free to ‘do’ works I want to do. The work may seem less like work because it would be something I would be passionate about but it would be productive and helpful, to someone. And the debt free…yes. Oh yes.

  9. Glynis Jolly says:

    Hubby and I live at poverty level. At least, that’s what it is according to the statistics. Yet, we both have a PC, cable TV, landline phone with extensions, each have a cell phone, and we own our home (kind of, still paying the mortgage). Our house is just a small cracker box affair but if we (actually ‘he’) could learn to do the Feng Shui life, our house would look marvelous. Hubby used to work for Halliburton so the money was rolling in. Yet, neither of us were happy. It got to the point where our marriage was in trouble. When he quit and we didn’t have the money anymore, our relationship got on track again. Sure, I’d like a little more money to repair things and replace our 15year old car. And maybe a little to visit the kids too. But really, I don’t need or want any more than that.

  10. reocochran says:

    This was a fun post and it is good to know you would not go too extravagantly. Travel, clothes, maybe have a personal driver. I am fine in coach ad long as the jet takes me overseas. I would share with family and friends. I would donate to red cross and supplies of water and seeds for world gardens. 🙂

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