Y is for Y’all and All Forms Of

Dialects are fun to listen to. Each of us have one according to the part of the States we hail from, or duh–the country. We may not believe it, but it’s true. There are also unique phrases particular to regions—as in y’all.

In the West, when we are addressing a person we use their name, or would use you when appropriate. While speaking to more than one person, we say you guys. I’m sure there are other forms of this in other areas across the country. I like y’all because it rolls off the tongue so easy. You guys isn’t as versatile as y’all.

Below are my observations of the use of the southern version of you guys.

Y’all – you, as in a singular person.

Y’all – Plural, more than one person.

Y’aller – you all are…as in y’aller too loud.

All Y’alls – all of you

Y’alls – your, or all of yours…as in, this is y’alls mess (remember, singular or plural)


And some of you probably thought I would blog about yarn. 😀


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I'll come back to this when I find out who I really am. I've been through some extremely rough patches but they have made me a better person. I blog if my brain is functioning first thing in the morning.
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22 Responses to Y is for Y’all and All Forms Of

  1. Lol! I’m guilty of overusing ‘y’all.’ But… I only use it when I’m talking to more than one person, and I don’t think I’ve ever thrown an S on the end to make the plural –Y’all’s. But I’m almost ashamed to admit, every now and then I throw out the y’aller. In fact yesterday I had to bust it out with my kids and their friends — “Y’aller being entirely too loud in there. Take that noise outside!” Guess I could have said “Take y’all’s loud tails to the yard!” I find regional dialects fascinating!

    • April says:

      My mom is from the south so we heard it growing up a lot. The first time my oldest son was told “y’all sit here”, he thought it was odd. Our youngest has picked up all the southernisms–especially fixin’.

  2. meANXIETYme says:

    I used to say “you guys” but found that “ya’ll” is just easier. And I’m lazy. 🙂

  3. aviets says:

    Where I was born, along the Ohio river, the more rural folks use “you’ns” and “us’ns.” I’m afraid that convention, though, is considered to be extremely back woods and is generally looked down upon. Y’all is a lot more socially acceptable, I think.

  4. Contrary to popular beliefs I want to state that no one I know actually uses the phrase “oh yah” or “you betcha” in MN. Possibly way up north by the Canadian border you’ll hear it uttered but the majority of the state would never say it. I am curious to know if you refer to carbonated sugary beverages as soda or as pop? Also conglomerates of ingredients thrown together in one pot, are they casseroles or hot dishes?

    • April says:

      What about don’t ‘cha know? 😀
      From the West, it’s pop and casseroles. What I have found to be funny is the impression the southern folks have about the Pacific Northwest–I have heard ‘a bunch of pot heads’ more than once. And for the record, it doesn’t rain all the time in Seattle. Natives spread that around to keep people out of their state. 😉

  5. mewhoami says:

    Born a southerner, I love the word ya’ll. You’re so right about the different uses too. I’ve used them all and they do roll off the tongue quite nicely.

    • April says:

      I thought I was born a southerner until someone told me that Florida isn’t considered the south…it’s more like its own land. Both my parents were raised in the south so we were exposed to a lot of y’alls. I usually say you guys, but I sure want to say y’all sometimes.

  6. Hahahahahahahahahahaha! They use these in OHIO!!!!!!!!! 🙂 I’ve heard them ALL!!!!!! Though they sound much prettier with a southern accent. 🙂

    • April says:

      And I thought y’all was unique to the south. A true southerner says y’all in a way that is hard for a northerner to pronounce properly. Which means, even though a northerner can try to fit in by pretending to have a southern drawl, they just can’t do it…..well, I can’t anyway.

      • You are correct, the way it is pronounced here does not sound as lyrical as ‘there’. But it is used. Often to the merriment of ‘real’ northerners. 😉

  7. Gallivanta says:

    I knew y’all but am pleased to learn all the variations. Some people in NZ use ‘youse” as a plural form of you.

  8. Glynis Jolly says:

    Both of us from the west where, supposedly there isn’t an accent or dialect of any kind. At least, that’s what the experts are saying. Chances are we shouldn’t make fun of the dialect of the south… but I just naturally break out into a grin when I hear it. 😀

    • April says:

      Try going to a sporting goods store full of hunters. Cracks me up because they have some wonderful sayings to go with y’all.

  9. reocochran says:

    I like people from the South saying “You come back now, Y’all!” Reminds me of all the shows like “Petticoat Junction,” “Andy of Mayberry” and “The Beverly Hillbillies!”

    • April says:

      The grocery clerks say that all the time. At first I thought—of course I’ll be back, it is the grocery store after all. Now it makes me smile.

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