Smiles V – Research, research, research

I’m continuing with the things that make me smile, I hope it reminds you to step back and recognize why the battle is worth fighting. If I’m inspired to write about something else, I will tack it on the end of my worthy notes.

Yesterday was not one of the better days of the week. However, the following made me smile:

  • While stopped at an intersection, my husband interrupted what I was babbling about to tell me a story about a nose picking co-worker

  • Our oldest son went on his first business trip – we are proud parents

  • Continuing with my ban on sugar–a little sarcasm here, the Heath Bar Dairy Queen Blizzard made me smile because they added extra Heath Bar for me

Now, onto a new series– DIY Projects With Your Spouse.

I haven’t finished with my series, Thirty Random Days to Organized Chaos because — well, they are random and so far the office is the only organized section–for the most part. I haven’t forgotten about That Cancer Thing either. I have a fear of a recurrence, but the more I write about it, the more it stays in the crosshairs. I’m choosing to ignore it until I have a scan showing me I have something to worry about.

Some of you know we are doing a bathroom remodel. You can read about the beginning of our journey here and here. Recognizing the high points of a day, the remodeling project, and a huge knitting project have taken my mind off some issues that are bringing me down.

I won’t be writing a step-by-step DIY series, because I wouldn’t want anyone to follow our/my steps–we’re learning as we go, and maybe someone can glean some information from our mistakes.

If your knowledge of a home remodel project has been gained from being your dad’s shadow helper for most of your life, watching DIY shows, a few YouTube videos and internet articles, research some more if you insist on doing it yourself.

So far, we have been to the hardware store six times. Yup. That’s right. Six. Actually, I think two of them, I stayed home. We thought we struck knowledge-gold last week when we met Dave in the Tile Department. He was full of information that coincided with what I had studied, so I was feeling a bit more confident.

We went home and completed our demolition of the shower and tub surround. My husband prepared the walls for the installation process.

Friday, we went to the hardware store and gathered some more information regarding drains and how to attach the drain to the existing plumbing. We received a wealth of information from Sam. However, Dave was not there, so we decided to return Saturday.

Dave wasn’t there on Saturday, so we purchased our drain assembly and some wood to patch the hole my husband cut to replace the drain.

On Sunday, Dave was working. However, almost everything he said the week before was different this week.

I almost sat down and cried in the middle of the tile section.

Apparently, preparing a shower pan and tiling is a Ford vs. Chevy kind of thing. Everybody has their own opinion/technique—and Dave had both opposing opinions.

We went back home with the concrete stuff, a trowel, and some liquid waterproofing paint intended to be used in showers.

I sat at the computer again—I researched some more. Just about every video or article I read, the way our shower was installed was not according to the proper code. In my mind it didn’t make sense, simply because I know that water will flow to the lowest point in the floor. If the floor is flat—hmmmm.

One too many experts in the videos I watched waved various code regulation books. All the articles I read referenced the same code regulation books. All of them specified the one proper way to build a shower pan.

So, I’m going with my gut on this one and we’re not going to build the shower pan as it was first installed, and we aren’t following Dave-at-the-hardware-store’s second set of instructions.

I will not cry. I know we can do this!


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10 Responses to Smiles V – Research, research, research

  1. mewhoami says:

    That is one big project you guys have underway. It’ll look great when it’s done – I’m sure of it.

  2. You can do this!!!!!!! And the blizzards are always there if you need to go back!

  3. Glynis Jolly says:

    I wish you oodles of luck with your remodeling projects. I intend to steer my husband toward having professionals do what needs to be done despite the proof that he’s a good handyman. 😛

  4. aviets says:

    Every home improvement project we have ever done has been like that – at least one trip to Home Depot every day. Usually more than one. I really don’t like going there even once!

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