Tis another pre-season of crap forced upon us

I’m one of those nerds who turns on CSPAN for background noise. I listen to hearings, debates, and presentations of bills as I go about my business. It’s as close as I feel I can get to the truth before the press gathers their experts to analyze every tiny what if, speculating over creative nonsense.

Argh. It’s all that speculation repeated over and over until it becomes a fact in the minds of some that becomes harmful.

I had to stop following politics through the media, and I have to pick through the muck that’s left, to find information I can semi-rely on in order to make informed decisions. I have become tired of reading bills with unrelated legislation attached to the end. Such as an education bill with a very small rider regarding gun usage in the oh by the way section. The part that comes after a bunch of snooze-fest reading and is most likely overlooked when it’s time to vote.

Today we have social media to add to the barrage of crap to sort through. I can’t do it anymore. I have run out of stamina to deal with people who call names and stand firm on their viewpoint while stuffing their fingers in their ears. Apparently, the age of that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it is the norm. I find civil conversations rare between two opposing sides…the topic doesn’t matter. It’s the lack of being open to understanding and possibly learning something from each other. That only happens when we open our minds to new factual ideas. Actually, theories and philosophies which are different than our own are fun to explore. At least that’s how I expand my brain between depressive episodes.

History is rewritten to prove a point at times. However, no matter how open a person is to new ideas, some of what’s being said makes absolutely no sense if there are no facts to back it up.

This may explain the reason why…


So, the next time you are listening to someone talk about something you’re finding difficult to understand from their perspective……you can bet they have been holding in a lot of farts.

Okay, enough of my childish humor, I must carry on…

The real reason for breaking my rule of abstaining from discussing the subject of politics, is the power of repetition.

When you think about yourself, pay attention to what you are thinking.

I’m so stupid, I can’t do that, how could I say something so stupid, why did I do that, I can’t do anything right, I’m not worth it.

Keep repeating those words over and over and eventually they become your truth.

So….if political rhetoric convinces some to believe the most asinine fact by repeating it over and over, why isn’t it possible for us to do the same to change how we feel about ourselves?

If we can tear ourselves down with negative thinking, we can certainly build ourselves up with positive thinking.

Yesterday I was doing a tedious job which required little thought, just some muscle. Something I did about 30 years ago flashed through my mind. I said aloud, you’re so stupid. I immediately recognized what I was doing and instead of letting my mind meander where it wished, I nudged it in the positive direction and brought my mind to the present.

It is possible to open our minds to new possibilities. There are always two sides to any topic (possibly more). It’s up to us what we choose to believe—after all the facts are present.

**as I have said, I have learned this after much CBT and the correct combination of drug therapy. It’s hard to change negative behavior while buried under the weight of depression. Keep moving forward. When depression becomes a bit more manageable, believing in yourself will eventually become a habit by the simple act of repetition. Replace the negative with the positive.

Then…..repeat, repeat, repeat.

It works for politicians (both sides), it can work for you.


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I'll come back to this when I find out who I really am. I've been through some extremely rough patches but they have made me a better person. I blog if my brain is functioning first thing in the morning.
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14 Responses to Tis another pre-season of crap forced upon us

  1. aviets says:

    Excellent analogy. I’ve noticed the frightening phenomenon of repeating untruths long and loud until people start to believe it. You’re absolutely right that we do the same thing to ourselves with our inner voice.

  2. Elouise says:

    This is a most productive and creative rant–or was it a f**t? Thanks!!! True, humorously written and a sad commentary.

  3. Gallivanta says:

    Yes, it should work both ways. πŸ™‚

  4. mewhoami says:

    You are right about repeating thoughts to ourselves. It’s so easy to make negative remarks about ourselves, and so difficult to make positive ones. I struggle with this too; often putting myself down. Way too often and for no justifiable reason, according to my husband. It’s very hard to listen to and believe others (and ourselves), when we’re sitting under a cloud of our own negativity.

  5. Glynis Jolly says:

    I love the image you have for this post. It sums it up so well. πŸ˜€

  6. suzjones says:

    I like where you’re going with this and it has reinforced something that happened to me this morning. I was thinking of blogging about it and you have now convinced me to do so. πŸ™‚

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