Peanut butter and jelly

This post may be a repeat of some ideas and total nonsense, but I have about a million thoughts racing through my mind today. I’m going to release one through this blog post. I know I’m exaggerating about the number of thoughts, it just sounded good–I may have 3 or 4 thoughts

My husband and I aren’t polar opposites—we’re complimentary opposites, we bring the best out in each other. His patience tempers my impatience. His that’s good enough counteracts my desire for perfection.

He is a creature of habit and routine. Routines drive me crazy–which is most likely the source of my organizational habits, or lack thereof. His style of organization consists of shuffling from one shelf to another, or one side of the room to the other. He also has an affinity for purging. He’s a shuffler-purger. I’m a stuffer-hoarder. To me, things go in the closet or a box to be dealt with another day.

I worked for companies where I was required to screen phone calls. In those days, calls had to go through a central switchboard–a person couldn’t be reached directly. I always disliked the calls from the wife. Especially when the wife called multiple times a day. Some making me physically track down their husbands so that they could speak with them.

I didn’t want to be that type of wife. My calls were of urgent matters that couldn’t wait until my husband got home. I can say there weren’t many of those type of calls. These days we can text, but I don’t do a whole lot of that either. Our texts consist mostly of — on my way with a k response.

The next couple of days he is travelling with his boss, and his boss’ boss. They are doing the type of thing that unless there is an extreme emergency, they are not to be bothered…in my mind anyway.

My husband recently shuffled and purged the garage, which means I can’t find anything.

So guess how hard it was for me to text him while he was with his boss, and his boss’ boss, asking him where the toilet plunger was?

Plumbing emergency averted. That is what I found beautiful today. 😉


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I'll come back to this when I find out who I really am. I've been through some extremely rough patches but they have made me a better person. I blog if my brain is functioning first thing in the morning.
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17 Responses to Peanut butter and jelly

  1. An unclogged toilet is always a beautiful thing. 🙂

  2. aviets says:

    That is quite a conundrum. But I think a toilet clog falls under the heading of Immediate Need. At our house I’m the one that moves things, and my husband feels he can never find anything after I’ve tidied up. But then, he feels the need to be able to SEE everything he owns or else he’ll completely forget it exists. Whereas I feel the need to have every visible surface completely empty of everything except decor in order to maintain peace of mind. It causes a lot of friction, and we’ve never found a very good solution!

  3. mewhoami says:

    Out of all the texts you could have sent him, that was a good one! 🙂 Your husband sounds like me. I am very routine, but I must admit that it has its downsides. Therefore, I think that a combination of the two would be good. So I can see where you goth compliment each other.

    • April says:

      It was better than the one I had to send when the sprinkler pipes burst last year. At least I knew how to turn the water off. 🙂

  4. This might be a silly question but where does the peanut butter and jelly come in? I was so looking forward to a snack! Is that why you took the plunge? Anyway, pleasant read… I’d find a switchboard to pressure intensive. I like relaxing jobs like watching the toaster to make sure it pops OK…

  5. There ARE some things that cannot wait!

  6. Glynis Jolly says:

    Your sense of humor is great, April. I’m still smiling. 😀

    I like routines to the upmost. I want everything scheduled, and if possible, to the minute. It’s my husband who could care less about routine and invariably does everything at the last minute, which usually makes him late. :/

  7. suzjones says:

    Yeh, toilet clogging is important. I had to text the GG yesterday to ask him where the long matches were hidden. They weren’t where I usually keep them lol
    Like you and your husband we are different in so many ways but we complement each other perfectly. I’d say that we’d found the right guys hey?

    • April says:

      I agree…we are lucky gals. 🙂

      • suzjones says:

        Hey darl, I haven’t seen you around in ages. Is everything okay in your world?

        • April says:

          Yes…actually I have quite a few posts I haven’t published. They just don’t feel quite right. I’m having a little bit of a knitting frenzy and I have been trying to purge old photos on my hard drive and external hard drive. I shoot in Raw, and those files take up a HUGE amount of space…especially the bad ones.

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