A little squirrely in our backyard

I have a bunch of topics milling about my mind, but my to-do list is longer than my list of blog topics. So, I’ll write a quickie.

While researching the types of wildlife we have in Georgia, I discovered quite a bit about squirrels.

The gray squirrel, which is most predominant in our backyard, make their nests of leaves in a tree, or use a cavity in a tree. I love watching them go up and down with twigs and leaves. They also strip the bark of some kind of tree we have growing.

Our first winter here, we wondered what kind of bird nests were in all the trees. It’s not like I haven’t seen a squirrel, but I didn’t know they did this. I never thought about where they have their babies, or find shelter. When I found out what they were, we had a good laugh.

This is a beautiful example of a nest of leaves. I understand that squirrels are quite hospitable and share their nests.6K2A2082

Here is a failed attempt at making a nest in a cavity which was too small.6K2A1969

I may gave shared this photo before, but here are some squirrels hanging out around their temporary home in an oak tree cavity, which grows behind our house.SONY DSC


This is what I found beautiful today.

Hope you find something beautiful as well.


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14 Responses to A little squirrely in our backyard

  1. Amy Viets says:

    I love to watch our squirrels, too. In Kansas we have grey squirrels in the eastern part of the state and you get to see red ones as you move west. Greys are hyperactive and aggressive, but fun to watch. Reds are slow and dopey in comparison, but a nice change when you get to see them.

  2. I love the sublime that is often masked by our own cynicism.

  3. mewhoami says:

    Aw! I love the two little squirrels in the tree. That is precious! We spoil our squirrels here and they each have a name too.

  4. Too adorable April. I love that last one. And I did not know squirrels would share their homes. How amazing can animals be?

  5. reocochran says:

    April, my favorite part of this post was the little squirrels with their heads poking out of the hole in the tree. I think of Chip and Dale (chipmunks, but still kind of like squirrels!) They are adorable. I have posts where I am not focused on one topic and then go on too long. I like the way you stuck to the subject, April! ha ha!
    Smiling at your thoughts and wishes for us to find something beautiful to view, today. I saw an old friend, we met halfway to her house, as she entered the restaurant, I thought of those old words: “You are a sight for sore eyes!” She is beautiful to me, in her heart and long time friendship, too.

  6. Glynis Jolly says:

    When I lived up in Michigan, there was a family of red squirrels that lived IN one of the trees on the property of my house. It was tiny hole under the first branch. The tree could be seen from the kitchen window above the sink. Little tiny creatures running up and down the trunk. In the winter, they’d burrow tunnels through the snow to get to the covered deck at the back of the house.

  7. suzjones says:

    How cute are they? I love that they make nests. You learn something new every day. 🙂

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