So it goes, catch me if you can

Courage is not having the strength to go on; it is going on when you don’t have the strength. ~ Theodore Roosevelt

There comes a day when the person I’ve been hiding, has to pull out her big girl panties made of iron and keep them on. A clean pair every day, of course.

side note: I wanted to describe the panties with the most strength without failing–I never knew there were so many combinations of alloys which combined with iron, make a different type of strength according to how it will be used. So, I need to pull out the iron mixed with the correct alloy so that I will not break under stress of my own making.

Words come out of my mouth as if I know what I’m talking about. They make sense, they sound fair, kind…but with serious meaning behind the words. Whatever I was anxious about, was silly, silly, silly. I can’t wait until I can recognize my thoughts in a matter of minutes, instead of a couple of days.

I spoke, my kids listened.

Except the grandpuppy. Oh my gosh! Being that I semi-trained our mastiff, I thought I could train that little dog while she lived with us. Any mastiff owner could tell you that motivating a mastiff to do what you want, when you want, depends upon whether they choose to move or not. Ours sits on command very well, and gets in her cage when we need her to. That completes the extent of the training she will obey–if she feels like it. I’m kind of thankful she’s old and doesn’t move as much, because when she does, she can still pull me off my feet.

Just as a real grandkid imagines, apparently the dog kind expects Grandma to be fun and wants to play ALL the time. Sit, stay, come, drop it– all meaningless words when they come from my mouth. I try to stand really tall using the deepest most firm voice I can muster, and she still thinks I want to play keep away.

Yesterday, I noticed a tip of a mini Christmas tree light between her lips. First came panic because I thought she would swallow it, or be harmed by the glass.  The keep away game commenced. When she finally stopped, she cleverly pulled the bulb completely in her mouth, and clamped her jaw. I retrieved it after a few minutes of prying and a bit of tough love.

We have a pre-lit tree that comes in sections. For each layer there is a smart bulb which connects the different sections together so—if you’re lucky, you have a tree that will be ready for decoration. The smart bulb is made of all plastic and whatever the little thingies are on the inside. That was the type of bulb she had in her mouth.

This Christmas, I’m trying to go with my version of a Scandinavian-Style Christmas decor. A minimalist type of Christmas decorating. Not too much shiny but not too sparse. I have lots of ideas for crafting hand made ornaments, but they’re still in the development stage.

The tree is perfectly fluffed and ready for decorating. I thought I would do something I saw on Pinterest, by sewing paper circles together to make a garland. It took about 15 minutes for two cats (not mine) and one little dog to destroy part of it. So I’m onto the next idea, but will end up with mostly my old store bought ornaments—the plastic type. While sewing my dots together, I looked at my bobbin holder as if it were a completely foreign object. It scared me for a moment because I seriously didn’t know what it was.

My cats, the ones with the health issues, one with hyperthyroidism the other with a mental illness–according to the vet–have topical medicine to manage their symptoms. Both medicines come in the same type of dispenser. I placed dots on top of the hyperthyroid cat’s, and made two different cups so that I didn’t give the wrong medication to either cat.

The cat with hyperthyroidism received a little anti-anxiety drug last night.

Even though the days can be crazy, and there are days I’m hanging on by a thread, there is beauty like this….


Okay, this was taken in the Spring, but I still have the frozen moment of beauty.


A real grandchild, however not mine–my sister’s. This is my loaner grandson, he calls me Grannie Auntie April. He’s wearing my boots by the way.




Mother-daughter love


Pilfered photos from the Wee One and Sensible Girlfriend.



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I'll come back to this when I find out who I really am. I've been through some extremely rough patches but they have made me a better person. I blog if my brain is functioning first thing in the morning.
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12 Responses to So it goes, catch me if you can

  1. reocochran says:

    Oh, April! I loved these shared photos so much! I like the borrowed grandchild/”nephew” and this is wonderful that you gave him your old cowboy boots. I like the simple daisies, I wish Spring were here, Winter flashing by. No, wait! I love Christmas and family times, will try to appreciate the cold… hugs, Robin

    • April says:

      He was just borrowing my boots–I haven’t finished with them yet. 😀 He did get his own pair because he liked mine so much. It’s a good thing we have photos to look at when the darkness of winter sets in. It’s something to look forward to…enjoy your Christmas!

  2. You make plans and the animals laugh, so it goes. Love the pictures!

  3. suzjones says:

    I love the photos April. They are so darn cute. You have an adorable family.
    I am so lucky with my cat. She is not the least interested in touching our Christmas tree, although she does lay across the train tracks that run around the base of the tree necessitating them to be put back together. lol
    She used to lay on the floor and bat some of the lower decorations and this year I haven’t seen that (although there were a couple suspiciously swaying last night night). I’m just so pleased that I don’t have my son’s cats here as they would destroy my home in no time.

  4. Glynis Jolly says:

    Your ‘wee one’ doesn’t look so small. He does look happy despite the silly costume he’s wearing in the photo. 🙂

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