A small portion of my list of thanks

Aha! Just as I was about to purchase some Christmas candy, look what I found stashed. 6K2A2026

Pumpkin shaped gumdrops (spice drops).  Yum!

Between the pumpkins and the candy canes, I realized the calendar shows that next week is Thanksgiving. I guess I’m not very prepared this year, but I certainly have a long list of thanks.

As my thoughts wander to Thanksgiving and all that I have to be thankful for, the friends I’ve made through WordPress, are on my list.

Facebook is so ugly, and it appears to be one-sided. I make comments on Facebook exactly as I would face-to-face…with respect.

Honestly, the real reason I blog?

My daughter told me my Facebook status updates were too long. 😀

Another little thanks to the new neighbor and her bushwhacker yard man. All the vegetation he removed from her yard was dumped on our property. The bushwhacker is taking care of that today. Arguing with a neighbor is far worse than an overheated, questionable, name calling discussion on Facebook with my friends.


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I'll come back to this when I find out who I really am. I've been through some extremely rough patches but they have made me a better person. I blog if my brain is functioning first thing in the morning.
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16 Responses to A small portion of my list of thanks

  1. mewhoami says:

    So I’m not the only one who didn’t realize Thanksgiving was next week? My husband asked me to pick a turkey and I responded with, “Why?” Ha! WP friends are so much easier to get along with I think. FB feels like a constant competition, put down show and gossip-ville. At least here, we have a real community of people who seemingly care and are (for the most part) compassionate toward each other.

    • April says:

      I have found some blogs I disagree with, but I don’t have to comment, and most of the writers appear to be well informed–for the most part.

      • mewhoami says:

        That is true. There are some out there that I don’t agree with either and most of them I avoid. However, there are a couple that I don’t agree with, but I still visit and comment in order to gain insight into their perspective.

  2. I love what your daughter said to you!!!!!

  3. Sugar. It’ll kill ya, April. 🙂

    • April says:

      Seriously, I am trying to cut it out of my diet. I want to do it a little bit at a time, so that I will be more successful than by going cold turkey. 😀

  4. Glynis Jolly says:

    I don’t like Facebook even though I have family who use it. But that’s part of the reason why I don’t like it — THE FAMILY FEUDS. I was taught from an early age to treat guests like family and treat family like guests. I guess the next generation wasn’t listening when those of us in the older generation were teaching this concept. At least that’s the way it is on Facebook.

    Forgive your new neighbor’s thoughtlessness. Everyone has a brain fart (sorry if you don’t like the word) once in a while. Send her a nice welcome card or something to make sure everything is patched up.

    • April says:

      Oh, we aren’t fighting. The neighbor that moved, spent years over growing her yard. In a way, it was nice because it made our backyard a little more secluded. I only get on Facebook for my family. Luckily, we all get along. Some of my family is on a surface level of kindness–meaning I don’t really know them. Other than that, I can keep track of my sister’s grandkids through the photos she and my niece post, and with the time difference, it is easier to keep up with my mom. Everybody else, except for my closest friends, are going to be placed on my acquaintances list. 😀

  5. suzjones says:

    I am so far behind on my commenting that is probably Thanksgiving already. If it is – then blessings to you. To me, today is just Thursday and even though the Teen (I’ve had to drop the w) has her birthday today, it is still Thursday. 😀
    I enjoy FB. I share photos and funny photos but I try not to get involved with the crap that is on there.
    So my dear, today being Thursday and all that, I am thankful that you are still doing well. 😀

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