What’s Your Favorite Gadget?

I have a new goal.

To say what I want to say, without out writing a poorly developed novella.

We watched a show about the 101 Gadgets That Changed the World. The decisions were made by the magazine, Popular Mechanics. I have to say that some of the items they placed more importance over another, were a bit surprising–but they had their reasons. However, my little Leatherman tool made it to number 47. It beat out the Swiss Army Knife.



This little gem I shared before, which I don’t leave home without—well, this and my purple rabbit’s foot–which I’m choosing to believe is a fake foot. The rabbit foot didn’t make the list.


I found it amusing that the bra was on the list, because I never viewed one as a gadget, but it was number 93, in between the picnic cooler and the blender. I suppose the bra was a bit more comfortable than the dreadful corset. But a gadget? Maybe they should have used the term inventions.

The cassette tape recorder came in at number 56. The smell of a tape recorder was unique. My sisters and I delighted in placing one near my mom when she had company so that we could record their conversations. eye roll Adult conversations were boring.

But the smell of the tape recorder was a smell I will always remember, and to my knowledge, nothing else smells like one.

Fun show to watch, even though we never made it to number one, and I was sad that my other must-have gadget – duct tape – was 101. I Googled the list, and my suspicion that the cell phone would be number one, was correct.

There—less words, and better than the words I wanted to start with, because I was overwhelmed by my morning routine—again.

Now…I get to go mess with a tape measure….number 66 on the list.


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18 Responses to What’s Your Favorite Gadget?

  1. suzjones says:

    Seriously? They classed the over-shoulder-boulder-holder as a gadget?

  2. Gotta love the bra. And duct tape. And leatherman. I suppose I’ll have to google that list just so I can see the rest…..

  3. Gallivanta says:

    The leatherman is a great tool. The bra, the bra? Can’t believe it made the list.

  4. mewhoami says:

    A bra is a gadget? Who knew? Cell phones – I’m torn on that. They’re great, but awful. I’m not sure if they should be #1 or if they should have even made the list at all.

  5. Glynis Jolly says:

    Here’s one for you, April. My LEAST favorite gadget is the can opener. It doesn’t make any difference as to what kind it is. All need to hands to work it at some point. Being one-handed, I’m frustrated to the max with this thing. But no matter how much trouble I have with it and how much I despise it, there are times when it’s the one and only way to open the can. It can take me up to 45 minutes to use one of these nasty things.

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