For Shame, for shame

The story I’m about to tell, contains stereotypes. Just a warning.

Last night, around 10:30 pm, Sensible Girlfriend said she was going to drive herself to the emergency room because she wasn’t feeling well and didn’t want to wait until Monday. At least that was what I assumed. I wouldn’t have any of that nonsense of her driving herself, and decided to take her. I waited with her until her parents could make it there, or for The Wee One to get off work.

We actually live in a melting pot type of area. Because Atlanta has several mega corporations with their headquarters in the city, there are residents from many different states. Mostly, Yankees. It’s rare to actually meet a native of the area….until visiting the next county over.

The next county over is Redneck area. Hillbilly-Redneck. The people who believe that pajamas are appropriate attire everywhere they go, the type of men who always have one strap to their bib-overalls unbuttoned and hanging, they have few teeth, drive beat up pick-ups, and drag along a passel of kids. You know, the Git ‘er Done type.

Not to be confused with Good Ol’ Boys–the kind you love to take home to the parents because – well – they’re Good Ol’ Boys. Hillbilly-Rednecks are troublemakers.

Just as one would expect in most hospital emergency rooms, the place was mostly crowded—this one just happened to be filled with hillbilly-rednecks.

One man sitting a few chairs over from me had a bandaged hand and was talking to himself and singing. My first thought was that he must have broken his drinking hand because he was not all there. There was another group way across the room, consisting of an older lady, another woman, and a man who also appeared to be not all there.

As any self-respecting hillbilly-redneck would do, they challenged one another to see which one was the bigger man. The group, and the bandaged man, weren’t even having any sort of conversation with each other, until the foul language started to fly. Apparently, I missed something because it came out of nowhere.

The man across the room said something about taking it outside. The scrawny one with the bandaged hand stood up with his chest puffed out, all scary like. The next thing we knew, they were heading for the door. The kind of door that one has to stand in front of, push a button, and wait for the doors to slowly open.

The tension was building.

At this point, the bandaged-hand man was swinging his hand above his head, and the other man from across the room had pulled his shirt off — as if that made him a meaner hillbilly-redneck. They were in position to duke it out, but had to wait for the doors to open.

Security came and broke it up. The party across the room decided to take their business to the other county because the service was better. I had a little chuckle over that one because I’ve been to the other county’s ER, and it is b-u-s-y…..and s-l-o-w.

The hillbilly-redneck with the bandaged hand came back in with his woman. He continued to sling foul words, until a pleasant woman pointed out that we all shouldn’t have to listen to his type of language. Finally, the hospital staff carted him off to a room in order to give the rest of us the pleasurable experience that only a hospital ER can provide.

During this entire time, we were sitting across from a lady who was obviously not all there. She appeared as old as I am, if not older. Who knows…she could have been 10-years younger. She was the female version blessed with no teeth.

She had a cervical collar around her neck, and her man was her necessary strap to keep her from slipping out of her chair. She was happily carrying on with her Hello Kitty cell phone, until she decided to cry.  At first I wrote her off as a drunk, or strung out on drugs. Then I heard her man ask if she had taken her medications earlier.


The crazy woman with bipolar disease – that would be me – was passing judgement on another, who may have had a mental illness as well.

I take my diagnosis seriously. I take my medications as directed. I follow through with all homework assigned by my therapist–well most of it. I work hard for stable mental health. But I also never take myself seriously. I’m sarcastic, and I find humor, sometimes at inappropriate moments. I’m not rude about it, but I find humor where I shouldn’t be finding it.

I don’t know which is more sad. My thinking that the woman was a crack-head, or my thinking she was schizo or bipolar, of all things <insert sarcasm here>

Yes, next time I’m somewhere sitting near a person who is acting bizarre, I won’t assume they are on some form of mind altering substance. Maybe they need mental assistance, and their behavior isn’t within their control at the moment.

However—I still believe that hillbilly-rednecks are troublemakers. They prove it over and over.


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I'll come back to this when I find out who I really am. I've been through some extremely rough patches but they have made me a better person. I blog if my brain is functioning first thing in the morning.
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19 Responses to For Shame, for shame

  1. blahpolar says:

    Good post. I’ve caught myself thinking similar stuff and then questioned it too. We’re just human and conditioned by society … it’s so good that we can learn though.

  2. Wow, there is never a dull moment in the ER, is there! It always makes for some good people watching! I have been asked before if I am on any substances, when I was just being my somewhat more psychotic than usual self. Including by police. I have to be like, “Officer, I don’t NEED drugs to make me act like this, okay?”

  3. Gallivanta says:

    What an experience! Being in ER is not really conducive to health. Is Sensible Girlfriend okay now?

    • April says:

      Nothing life threatening. They sent her off with a referral to a doctor who may get to the bottom of her issues. Oh, and a prescription–because that’s always the answer. Probably an antibiotic prescription at that! 🙂

  4. Glynis Jolly says:

    Being raised in the west, I’m usually amused by the different ‘classes’ of people here in the south. Personally, I’m quite curious about the ‘Hill-billies’. I wonder what the inside of their homes look like, what they think is ‘proper’, what’s important to them, etc.

    • April says:

      I could go take some photos. 😀 Seriously, even though they are trouble makers, I kind of find them to be very loyal to their family. I also have to say that they aren’t very tolerant…of anybody different than they are. Extremely closed minded and very racist.

  5. suzjones says:

    It is so easy to make judgements upon others isn’t it? Done it myself time and time again and did it again the other night when I turned to the Tween (at the local show) and said “Thankyou for dressing like the beautiful young woman you are and respecting yourself rather than having no fashion sense whatsoever”. Thinking back I’m like “Yeh. You’re so fashionable right????”

    • April says:

      Were you picking on yourself? No, no, no.

      • suzjones says:

        Ha ha. I thought of you last night. We were watching a quiz show and one of the questions related to your NFL teams. I answered “Seattle” but then immediately thought “Oh no. They’re the Sea Hawks. April would kill me for getting this one wrong”. lol

        • April says:

          Just as long as you didn’t confuse them with our rivals the 49ers from san francisco 🙂

          • suzjones says:

            No. I think it was a Washington team. lol

            • April says:

              oh. The team with the controversial name of the Redskins…kind of controversial name. The Native Americans aren’t happy with it…the team has had the name for so long….

              • suzjones says:

                We have had similar issues here in Australia with the indigenous people asking for names of things to be changed. I remember there was a stadium in a town that they wanted to change its name because they found it offensive but it was actually named after a particular person. *sigh*

                • April says:

                  Seems like someone takes offense at something these days. Sad part is that most of the ‘offensive matter’ was not intended to be that way.

  6. mewhoami says:

    It sounds like a very entertaining night. Seldom is an ER visit boring. Here in this city, we have a mixture of all of those. They keep it interesting.

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