From Suburbia to Farm Land

Well, working on a ladder–or maybe it was a step stool, isn’t exactly something I should be doing while trying a new medication. However, I only fell one time. Actually, if the time I landed on the kitchen island counted, that would be two times.

Meh, maybe it’s the stinkin’ bifocals I’m required to wear these days. Or…lack of gracefulness. It has been a curse of mine forever. I move to my own drum beat, and it’s a little off at times. Sadly, I passed this trait on to our daughter.

Anyway, not that I’m thinking we will be able to live in farm country, and never smell the unique odors cows produce, I choose to believe the people who have told me I would get used to it. I had a friend who lived on a farm, we used to go to rodeos together. She would always laugh at me tiptoeing through the horse doo-doo, and told me to just walk through it. Yeah, she was one of the people who told me I would get used to the smell.

While in Missouri, my husband called me to come look at something. He said, “April, we can look out our bedroom window and see cows”.

A photo opportunity! Exciting!6K2A1315

I tried very hard to stand on my toes to avoid getting the barbed wire in the shot, but it wasn’t working. I have yet to force myself to sit long enough to learn about post processing, so I usually get what I get.

Yes…I wanted to get closer. That meant tromping through weeds and tall grass. The part of the side of the road with all kinds of creepy crawlers.

All the cows were staring at me. I felt honored, even though they were probably thinking–look at that stupid human. Yes, in my world, cows think. I hate that they have to have single earrings, and I’m hoping the ear tag replaces burning a brand into their skin.

So—to get closer, I stomped in the grass to scare anything off–such as a snake.


I caused a stampede.

Photo opportunity, over.

Now I know.

Cows interpret stomping on the ground a bit differently than a human does. I’m pretty sure a snake feels the same way.


So I took a photo of a weed. Or is it grass?

Today, I am oh so grateful for a treat of a summer day in the Deep South that is cooler, and the humidity is low. Doesn’t happen very often in July.

Happy happy, joy joy.


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I'll come back to this when I find out who I really am. I've been through some extremely rough patches but they have made me a better person. I blog if my brain is functioning first thing in the morning.
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15 Responses to From Suburbia to Farm Land

  1. Gallivanta says:

    Yes, cows are a bit smelly but they are fun.

    • April says:

      The people up the road have three cows. They were all pregnant. One of them had twins, another a boy, and the third was due any day. I tried hard to get photos of them, but they were a bit elusive. Very cute!

  2. aviets says:

    I love cows! They’re so placid and stupid and pleasant. Love that photo. And I’m so glad you’re okay after the ladder fall. Bifocals are DANGEROUS! -Amy

    • April says:

      I love cows too. Especially the baby ones. My daughter and I have a real thing for them. We will text photos of every baby we come across. (one of the silly things we do) If we are riding in the car together, not speaking, we will both say “cow” at the same moment. Baby Cow when we see the little ones. I hate bifocals. I have those no-line ones, and there is only one spot I can see the computer clearly. I’m ready to try the lined ones to see if that helps.

  3. meANXIETYme says:

    Lovely picture, barbed wire and all!

  4. The first picture turned out nicely. I wouldn’t have known that either! Perhaps I could get used to the smell.. but never stomping through the poo!

  5. Cheers for your happy happy joy joy. Uhm…..stamping causes stampede. That is one to file for things to know in cow country.

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