What Was I Dreaming?

I think I have some stories to tell, but I’m a bit mentally exhausted, and I’m sure they are hiding somewhere in my brain, but I’m too tired to even make that work.

We drove from Georgia to Missouri, as the budget didn’t include a line item for plane fare and a rental car for four people, for aΒ week. Even with the high price of auto fuel, it was cheaper to drive. Duh. Besides, we had the Grandpuppy.

Oh. My.

I think I’m going to save pennies, and cut corners to never have to travel that way again. Well, my husband did most of the driving. I only drove for a short while because our mode of travel was his beloved truck. I seriously think that this is the ranking of his life…Deer Killing, The Truck, Me, Family, Work. The order may be mixed some, but that truck is special.

Every time I changed lanes, my husband made sure I provided enough space to move over, and not take offΒ the front of the car I was passing—or probably better explained–damaging the back end of his truck. His eagle eyes made me tense. Then, we had an issue with the GPS, and I ended up driving toward St. Louis, Missouri. Another, Oh. My. At one point, I simply hoped I wouldn’t sideswipe anybody—and I was mad. We weren’t supposed to be anywhere near St. Louis.

I have complained about the GPS in my car because if you miss a turn that was supposed to be made, the thing will nag until you make a legal U-turn, or turn the stinking thing off. My husband’s little hand held GPS, recalculates a new route. We were heading to the Western side of Missouri, ended up in the Eastern side of Missouri—from her stinkin’ calculations. Ugh.

Funny thing, when we finally reached the rural area we were supposed to be, all the roads were identified by letters of the alphabet. We were traveling the road H. We passed intersections with streets named HH, J, or JJ. Quite quaint.

On the way back home, a different story—I wrote down all the turns we would have to make, and we missed one. We were following my instructions along with the GPS. Then something went wrong. Just as some of us don’t listen to the GPS, we don’t listen to the backseat-wife-driver either. So…we had a scenic tour of the State of Missouri.

I will never take a trip without our road atlas.


But, I may never take another road trip that lasts 15 hours.

I better stop at this point, because I know I can find something funny, which included the two days of driving, but today, I’m rebounding, and trying to pull out the decent side of myself. You know, the kind of person people would want to be around.

However, I did want to complain about wallpaper. The inventor of that crap, had to have a wicked side to them. I can imagine what the person was thinking. “Let’s find some paper, stamp a design on it, place some glue on the back so that it’s a permanent fixture”, and laughed their silly head off. “One day, a person will buy the home and want to remove the wallpaper”–again, laughing hysterically.

Um. I don’t think my father in law put all the wallpaper on the walls? However, the person who did, placed it right on the sheet rock. No primer on the wall. Just gluey paper stuck to the paper of the sheet rock. I got a little excited in some places because the stuff was coming off pretty easily—until I learned that there were two more layers. The first layer of paper glued to the paper of the sheet rock. Many methods of removal were tried. I gave up on the 5th day. Now I know what’s waiting for us, and I want to cry a little.

Let’s just say I have to learn a technique called skim coating walls. Either that, or we tear down the walls and start over. However, neither my husband nor I are experts at that home improvement skill either.

I have always had a dream to live in a rural area, and to have a house to remodel. We have reached that goal. There are some slight differences to my dream, but that’s what happens…it’s called life. We may get close to our dreams, but we can’t expect our vision of perfection.

All I can say, be careful what you wish for.

…I have some blogs to catch up on, and some new ones to check out.

Oh! My bit of gratitude for today? My bed, and the Cat Farm.



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I'll come back to this when I find out who I really am. I've been through some extremely rough patches but they have made me a better person. I blog if my brain is functioning first thing in the morning.
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19 Responses to What Was I Dreaming?

  1. Trials. Experience. Lessons. Laughter. Seems you had it all covered. πŸ™‚

  2. aviets says:

    Ugh…wallpaper. Some of my worst life experiences involve wallpaper. Glad you made it home safely! -Amy

    • April says:

      Thanks. Only one room in that house was wallpaper free. All other rooms are either covered, or have the trim around the top.

  3. Gallivanta says:

    You made it! There and back! And probably in better condition than the wallpaper πŸ˜‰ . I think there are sealants you can put on wallpaper and then you can paint over it. But I know very little about such things, so that’s just hearsay. 😦

    • April says:

      Well, that sounds like an idea we didn’t try. We are trying to get rid of 18 years of nicotine build up. We’re getting there and finding painted walls a different color than expected. πŸ™‚ And yes, we made it back, but I’m not sure about the condition.

  4. Oh my! When we bought our last house we had some wall paper. Like you…..I imagine the creators of the idea of it. And the creators of the PATTERNS!

    What a trip! And how much fun this will be REMEMBERED as the further in years you get away from this. πŸ˜‰

  5. suzjones says:

    My dear, I am laughing. I love road trips (even when we get lost) but I know the frustration of the GPS. As to wallpaper, I saw this on tv the other night and thought it might be helpful https://au.lifestyle.yahoo.com/food/video/watch/24541829/adam-dovile-removing-wallpaper-ep-26-25-07-14/
    If it is no help to you at all then no worries. I hope you at least enjoyed Adam’s smiling face. πŸ™‚

    • April says:

      Oh, a handsome man who actually makes sense. Love the accent too. I tried those things, and more. However, I see that I was rushing my job. I also learned about the no pressure while scoring the paper. We gouged out a half wall. Thankfully, I think we can manage to redo that piece of wall. We were considering taking it out, but it’s part of a load bearing wall, and I’m not too sure I want a post in the middle of the traffic pattern. It’s one more thing for me to run into. πŸ˜€

      • suzjones says:

        I thought his smiling face might make you smile as well. He and his lovely wife actually one a home renovating reality show a few weeks ago. I don’t think I ever saw him lose his temper or his smile throughout the whole series.

        • April says:

          The shows we are able to see aren’t very educational. Just how to hire someone to redo your home. Nothing for the DIY-ers.

          • suzjones says:

            This was a great show. It was called House Rules and had 6 couples from all over Australia who renovated each others homes and then towards the end when the eliminations started taking place the challenges progressed to landscaping etc. The only thing that really peeved me with the show was the judges. lol

            • April says:

              I have been a follower of DIY shows since – well – when only one was on television. I liked how they discussed a particular tool was used for, and that there where decent tools for the regular DIYer. Now…the shows just make me jealous that someone can’t come in and make my house beautiful in 60 minutes. πŸ˜‰

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