Oh—Who am I to Judge

Urgh! I seriously hate stereotyping, but I’m about to do it.

First of all, we were watching a reality show on television, and a young woman was not “acting” the way another thought she should. The man said, “I don’t know if she is Bipolar or Schizo….”.

Guess what? To those who haven’t figured it out by now–and I’m going to repeat–people with mental illnessesย are not stupid. Did you know, we can actually think and process information if our illness is well managed. We work, and have “normal” lives too! Amazing, isn’t it?

I’m sending out a little plug for a message I’ve seen on television lately, regarding the stigma of mental illness. Check outย bringchange2mind.org. There is some great information to stop the stigma. I took the pledge, will you? Ha! You’re under no obligation, but if you’re interested….

I must return to the topic of our garage sale we had in Nowhere.

Some of us have things lying around of no value–junk. Around our house, we try to keep our junk to a minimum, but there is a canopy to fit the back of a truck we haven’t had for–maybe 7 years? It’s sitting in our backyard on blocks so the critters don’t hide in there. It’s quite a lovely addition to our little backyard sanctuary.

Well, you can guess whose junk that is, but mine is a stash of long pine needles I have collected to make pine needle baskets. They have been in boxes in the garage for 4 years? I even started separating them into lengths so that I didn’t have a short needle mixed in with longer ones, to avoid the short one sticking out the side of the basket. whisper–I won’t go into my stacks of patterns, yarn stash, scrapbook supplies, old t-shirts and old jeans to make a quilt of……

More of my dirty laundry a-hanging on the line.

Anyway, I have blogged about my father-in-law’s favorite chair. When he knew he was going to have to enter a care facility, he seriously wanted my husband to bring that chair to him. Unfortunately, he was not in any position to sit in the chair, so my husband didn’t take it to him.

Who knows how old that chair was, but it was full of cigarette smoke–the kind even Febreze couldn’t get rid of. It had burn holes from his cigarettes, and held together with duct tape. It was hard to sit in because it was formed to my father-in-law’s butt. When sitting in it, it kind of wobbled and felt like it may tip over.

Therefore, junk.

My husband and brother-in-law packed that chair, and another very torn apart chair, into the back of the pickup to haul away after the sale. Neither chair had any redeemable value.

But, we must never underestimate people.

A Ms. Exuberance Pants jumped out of her car yelling, “oh no! Somebody already bought the blue chair”.

My brother-in-law told her it was falling apart, smelled like cigarettes, and was loaded up to haul away, it wasn’t an item for sale.

But—she wanted that chair!

My brother-in-law offered it to her, if she really wanted it. She did, and he unloaded it from the pile of junk.

She was so delighted, she hugged the chair and proclaimed how much she loved blue.

Okay, so I have to admit, we were wondering if her cornbread wasn’t completely done in the middle. But why, oh why, did she find that chair so lovely?

Again, there you have it, my admission that I judged someone based upon their love of junk. Did it make her mentally ill? Probably not, but I did judge her decorating style—we certainly had a good laugh over it.

Just a reminder to y’all, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

Those pine needles? Maybe they aren’t junk after all.

(ps – Oh-Dear-One-of-Mine, I’m not serious. Chucking the pine needles is on my to-do list)



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I'll come back to this when I find out who I really am. I've been through some extremely rough patches but they have made me a better person. I blog if my brain is functioning first thing in the morning.
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19 Responses to Oh—Who am I to Judge

  1. I find it fascinating that she hugged the chair. To someone who hasn’t a chair….that chair may have been a throne. ๐Ÿ™‚ We do all just don’t we? In one form or another.

    • April says:

      You inspire me to look at things in a different way, and I love that! I think we were a bit shocked at her wild display over a piece of furniture, but looking at it this way, it kind of warms my heart that we had something that made her happy, even though we saw no value in it. As I said, one man’s trash is another’s treasure. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Vikki Sutton says:

    Great post! Many individuals with psychological difficulties are highly intelligent.

    • April says:

      I agree. While I understand the usage of words such as nuts or crazy, when someone goes as far as bipolar or schizophrenic, they are perpetuating the ignorance.

  3. suzjones says:

    Too funny. Maybe she was going to reupholster it. Who knows.

    • April says:

      You know…I considered reupholstering that chair, but I found another one to keep. I have always wanted to try my hand at reupholstering, and I can’t wait to work on this one. It may have to be stripped to the bare bones, but I’m quite excited. I hope Ms. Exuberance Pants enjoys her chair. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Gallivanta says:

    Pine needle baskets? I am impressed even if it never happened.

  5. Glynis Jolly says:

    Here in Tennessee there’s a long train of yard sales that goes on all along Interstate 127. I can never remember exactly when it is but it happened every summer. This highway runs right through our town on Main Street no less. The locals avoid shopping for the most part during those 2 weeks. Yes, I do believe that most of it is junk that needs to be destroyed. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • April says:

      Yes! The country’s longest yard sale. It starts in Alabama. It’s the first weekend of August. I have wanted to do it, thinking I could find that antique washing stand I’ve been looking for, but it’s too muggy during that time of year, and miles of junk sales is soooo unappealing to me. Thanks for the tip, I imagined that it would be junk. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Jen says:

    “we were wondering if her cornbread wasnโ€™t completely done in the middle.” This made me laugh! And her hugging that chair. It made me feel like a little kid with a teddy bear or something. Kind of sweet! You never know what people are going to cling to. But nice that it found a new home. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. mewhoami says:

    I think we all judge to a degree, whether it be choices of another, their design choices or their 5 toned spiked hair. However, there is a big difference when people judge each others’ intelligence or mental status. Cornbread not done in the middle – that’s great! haha Hey, we all like strange things right? I’m kind of glad that she took the chair. It’s neat that the chair will live on.

    • April says:

      cornbread not being done in the middle could be a question of her mental status, but I was trying to come up with a gentler way to say her taste in furniture was a bit odd. I hope she still loves it. At least it isn’t sitting in a landfill.

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