Crow Bait

The other day, I saw what looked to be a squirrel hanging from a tree limb. It didn’t seem to be moving. Thinking the poor thing had gotten himself in a compromising position and hung himself, I pulled out our spy-on-our-neighbors binoculars and found that the little critter was suspended in air, hanging upside down, eating the new growth on one of the trees.

I felt sorry for him.

So, my husband decided to put out some of his deer bait–corn. (I call it deer bait, he calls it deer food–either description makes the deer come to the same spot, looking for food for the great Fall Ambush–bait)


Grainy photo through dirty windows. I wasn’t going to stand in the rain to capture a photo of a stinkin’ crow.

The huge pile of corn appeared to go untouched for a day or so.

I really didn’t want to feed the squirrels because once one of them finds a stash, they tell all their neighborhood friends, and when they have depleted their supply, they party on the bird seed. We have had to come up with many inventions to keep the squirrels from the bird seed.

The pile of corn is dwindling, but the stinkin’ crows are getting it.

I have blogged about crows, but if you missed it, I really dislike them. The only redeeming quality I have found in them, is the fact that they scare off hawks.


P.S. We don’t really spy on our neighbors, unless it’s necessary 😉


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9 Responses to Crow Bait

  1. aviets says:

    I love to watch the “wildife” in my back yard too! The beginning of your story reminds me of something that happened in our yard years ago…a piece of twine or something got stuck in our chain link fence. Somehow a mama cardinal managed to hang herself on it. We were very sad, as we love cardinals. A couple of days later we found a male cardinal dead in our driveway. We always wondered if he chose to end it all after his mate died. Sad story, but true! -Amy.

  2. mewhoami says:

    My husband loves crows and we both feed our neighborhood squirrels. Bad us. We’ve had one for about 3 years now. He’s very friendly. Actually, they all are. I’ve never thought to feed them corn before though. We stock up on nuts year round.

    • April says:

      😀 We started feeding the squirrels nuts, but they were about to bankrupt us, there were so many! They are adorable though, crows….not so much.

  3. suzjones says:

    Too funny girl. You know crows have got to eat too. At least they are leaving some for the squirrels. lol

  4. As long as it’s necessary….then okay. 😉

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