Lost in a Maze of Awkwardness

Dream interpretation is kind of a mystery to me. I’m sure those who study dreams have the skills to do so? I can see how dreams would be our subconscious minds working through the details of our lives. Anyway, that’s how I see them.

So—I’m going to bore y’all with one of my amateur studies.

I have a recurring dream about being in a large school. Not necessarily learning anything, but being lost in the maze of hallways. It’s never the same building, but it’s humongous. Sometimes, there are escalators, some have huge slides. All have many, many stairways to climb.

Another theme that always occurs in the school dreams—I lose something, and I embark upon a frenzied search for that lost something.

Last night, I had a dream of being lost, as well as being unable to decide what the appropriate attire for this particular dream should be–none of it being “in style”, but there were a pair of heels that I would love to have–if I still wore heels. I ruined them while maneuvering the stairs in the dream. Of course, I shamed myself for being so careless with such a beautiful shoe—I wonder what that means.

While searching for a lost handbag, I encountered an old hag who obviously wasn’t happy with herself, and felt the need to belittle me because I had missed so many classes, and I would never catch up. I stood up to her. I stood up for myself. The people around me were in awe because nobody messed with the old hag. Nobody ever spoke back to her.

Here’s my dream interpretation. According to the all knowing Google, dreams of being in school is the mind working through self-discovery. It’s about personal growth. Trying new things. Expanding our horizons.

‘Tis what I’m doing! Oh, you smart little subconscious mind, you.

That old hag? That was me, telling myself that I’ve missed too many classes. However, I haven’t–I continue to learn, and will never stop.

One part, has me a little stumped. Even though I was obviously older than the other students, they all took me under their wings, so to speak. They were so kind, but I doubted their sincerity. After all, I was an old lady wearing the oddest combination of clothing. Something told me I should trust their love and kindness, but I held myself back.

I had that stinkin’ song by the Eurythmics–Sweet Dreams–rattling around my mind while I contemplated the dream over my morning coffee. Of course, the “aha” let loose many other thoughts. More to blog about another day.

Ha! I promised myself I was going to refrain from touching my laptop until I had all my morning chores finished, which included grocery shopping. Obviously, I need to learn more about self-discipline.

Perhaps I will have a dream helping me to figure out that part of my personality. Nah, I think I like to procrastinate. If I really wanted to get things done in a timely manner, I believe I would achieve it—if I wanted it bad enough.


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I'll come back to this when I find out who I really am. I've been through some extremely rough patches but they have made me a better person. I blog if my brain is functioning first thing in the morning.
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20 Responses to Lost in a Maze of Awkwardness

  1. Ha! This was fascinating. I use to have a dream where I was running along side a moving train. Try as I might I couldn’t catch the train.

    It occurred in a period where I constantly felt behind, just late. And while in the real world things were fine, my subconscious mind felt like I was being left behind. This was a great post!

    • April says:

      Thanks. Some dreams just make you want to go…huh. I have had this type of dream for a couple of years, now. Had to see what the dream gurus said about it. Now I know. 🙂

  2. aviets says:

    My dreams about being back in high school have a different flavor, but I have them pretty often. How weird that we keep going back that time in our sleeping minds…

  3. Dreams are fun to work with. Our brain never sleep.

  4. suzjones says:

    I think that is a cool dream meaning to have. Maybe it was also telling you to trust the young people in your life.

    • April says:

      That’s a good one, Sue. I was thinking it may be telling me simply to trust others. But, I have a couple of kids I’m wondering about. Maybe it’s time to trust their lack of plans. 🙂

      • suzjones says:

        I don’t know if it is about trusting their plans but trusting that they are now adults and responsible for their own lives. You need to look after yourself mum! 🙂

  5. Cathy says:

    My reoccurring dream is that I find out that I really never graduated and everything in life that I had done thus far (dream has been going on for at least a couple of decades!) was striped from me because I was a liar (which is one of about 3 things that I can not stand in a person!). Wonder if we are at the same school? hehehehehehe
    hugs and love to you always my dear friend,

    • April says:

      Maybe is the same school! I remember going up and down those stairways at PHS, rushing to get to class on time. Oh, and I always hated walking down the Senior hall. I was called bird legs. I would never call you a liar, either!

  6. The continuing to learn part??? I think that is what our lives are mostly designed for. Experience. Learn. Relate. 🙂 Happy Dreams April!

    • April says:

      I used to get a little frustrated with myself when I couldn’t remember something. I do it all the time with photography. I live with a notepad pretty close by all the time. Now, I look at my lack of memory as an exciting new lesson. I get to start over–Yay! We joke around our house that I only need two books. I can re-read them, and each time it’s just like I’m reading a new book. (I’m not that bad, but close) 🙂

  7. Gallivanta says:

    My dreams, if I can remember them, are usually very ‘lost’, involve long journeys, and are exhausting. If I ever dream about my grandmother’s home, it usually means I am in a state of stress and I am looking for security.

  8. reocochran says:

    This was an interesting set of dreams, especially the longer one with the woman who was a hag. I am behind in my clothing style and sometimes, wish I still could wear heels! I guess I am at a contented place, but you chose a very positive interpretation of your dreams, April! I agree, you are on a forward move and this is the way to keep going…Oh, it was good you wrote your thoughts down first, chores next! smiles, Robin

  9. reocochran says:

    I am not sure if you saw my comment, April but definitely am hoping that you will know that I am proud of your self-discovery and your expressing your feelings in this blog. You had some interesting dreams and your interpretations are great and positive! Smiles, Robin

    • April says:

      I did see your comment. A lot of the time, I read and comment before going to bed. I believe I comment, but sometimes find I just hit approve and forget to hit reply instead. Anyway, thank you for your support. I find myself up and down, but lately, it seems to be more up, which is a great thing!

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