Things You Didn’t Know You Needed Thursday

Everybody wants to keep warm while sleeping. This Doppelgänger sleeping bag is just the thing.


It comes in other colors as well. A flap for those personal moments has been added for your convenience.

Have a happy Thursday!


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I'll come back to this when I find out who I really am. I've been through some extremely rough patches but they have made me a better person. I blog if my brain is functioning first thing in the morning.
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14 Responses to Things You Didn’t Know You Needed Thursday

  1. How fun! Those would be rather enjoyable.

  2. mewhoami says:

    This has my name written all over it! I’m actually serious. 🙂 I’ve seen “big feet pajamas”, but the feet can’t me removed. The Doppelganger took care of that, with removable feet and a flap. You can’t get better than that. I freeze in the winter. Anything below 70 degrees is too cold for me. I’d go with the green. Then it would match my vacuum.

    • mewhoami says:

      On a side note – What happened to your “Like” button?

      • April says:

        Oh, I’m a little “special” when it comes to technology. I was messing with settings. Obviously, I deleted one too many things. That’s what I get for trying to do something late at night when I should be sleeping. It’s fixed now—I think.

        • April says:

          Also—I had some blogs that I knew I followed, but haven’t seen any posts. I went to their blogs, and it showed I wasn’t a follower. Then I would press follow, and it still wouldn’t show as a blog I follow. That started my journey to get to the bottom of that. Probably a glitch, because they are there today.

    • April says:

      I thought I would find someone who didn’t know they needed something that was out there for purchase. 🙂 I wouldn’t mind them, except I would have to have the head unzipped all the time. If I even remotely think I can’t breathe, I go into a full on panic.

      • mewhoami says:

        I thought about that last night too and was going to look if the head is removable or not. But, I cover my head when I sleep anyway, so I don’t know if I would mind too much, as long it didn’t get too hot and stuffy in there.

  3. suzjones says:

    Oh wow!! I want one in purple. 😀

    • April says:

      😀 Since I love to wear “comfortable” clothing, I tend to wear pretty much the same clothing around the house. (I do have a rotation, so they can be laundered) 🙂 I’m thinking my husband is getting rather tired of my attire. This could solve the problem. It could even hide a bad hair day.

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