One More Set Back for Mental Illness

I don’t know how many football fans there are around the country, but if you are a watcher of the television, or read news articles, many of you have heard what was called a bizarre interview by a Seattle Seahawks player, after a play that saved the game for us and sent us on the road to the Super Bowl.

I have heard and read about how mentally unstable he appeared. Actually, it makes me want to cry out of frustration.

The young man was pumped, very excited, and also offended by the actions of a sore loser. Maybe it is also due to an old grudge between two Type A male football players.

So, my observation is that the reporter who was trying to interview this very excited player who wasn’t making sense to her—instead of asking for clarification, she put him down. She put him down with her tone, her body language, and the words she chose to respond with.

And today, people are calling him mentally unstable.




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  1. My cat is next to me on a shelf.. only a few inches away. love.. I think even pet can help some.

  2. Gallivanta says:

    Just reading up on this incident. Clarification should be the first job of a reporter!

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