Sunday gratitude with April #5

The following made me smile this week:

  • an orange car that looked like a transformer toy. Two wheels in front and one in back, no roof.

  • I was asked how my 21-day sugar detox was progressing–it stalled with the blackberry pie

  • blossoms on the crepe myrtles

  • the smell of popcorn

  • an indulgent afternoon nap

  • the fact that I used to dream of having more hours in a day when my kids were growing up, now that they are, my dream is coming true—not because my kids aren’t around, but due to my memory wires stuck on sleep deprivation mode

  • sitting on the deck as the sun comes up, listening to the owls

  • the summer sound of cicadas

  • another setback on our shower–the hinge for the door was defective so we have to wait for the installers to order a new piece and finish the enclosure. At this point we can only smile and move on.

I hope you find something that makes you smile.

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DIY with your spouse – Drywall, tape and mud

The thing about DIY-ing, is that it requires patience and a proper technique. Something I’m in short supply.

This house we took on as a retirement home may just ruin my sense of let-me-see-if-I-can-do-it attitude. I’m so happy it’s a small house because my DIY mojo is fizzling– but I will never give in. I may be 95 years old, but I will still be trying something new. Or, as in my case, screwing something up.

Clearing the walls of the 18 years of nicotine buildup has required numerous attempts at home recipes as well as toxic suggestions. I was seriously doing a happy dance when I discovered that straight bleach was making the walls look almost new. I danced to a song I created of completely made up words—except the word guacamole because that’s my favorite word.

As for the smell, well…bleach trumps the smell of cigarettes. I had to stop using the bleach because it was burning my eyes. My husband found a product named No Gloves that seems to be doing the trick. There’s no smell to it.

One night, my husband and I had a little wallpaper removal party—in the same room! It may have had something to do with beer, music, and very little conversation, but we worked together in close proximity of each other and I didn’t tell him how to do anything–I don’t think.

We are moving along, now it’s time to fix all the cracked wall seams–which means tape and mud—oh, and removal of the old, cracked stuff. Drywall mudding is definitely a skill, but I knew this going in. I watched many YouTube video and read many DIY articles before I started. I felt prepared.

Apparently, I need to check the peanut butter container–not the chunky one–because my memory failed me and my first attempt at mixing mud created more work for myself. (yes, I know there is the premix kind, but I followed several suggestions to use a joint setting compound (apparently there is a difference) which only comes in the kind that has to be mixed with water–at least as far as I know.

To the seasoned DIY-er, this may give you a good eye roll…..on the third day I discovered that the taping knife has another purpose. It’s used to knock down globs due to rookie attempts.

Oh, and to any of you fellow smarty pants who believe you can do anything, there is a proper way to hold the knife. Once I learned that, I became Ms Give Me Another Wall Crack. Ha! I had that typed a certain way and had to change it–use your imagination.

One thing I’m certain of, we will make it through this with our marriage intact. As long as my husband continues to ply me with candy and blackberry pie, we will be just fine.


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Thursday’s Thingies

Okay, I know all my fellow cat lovers have been waiting with bated breath for the perfect solution to cover the area most cats so proudly display.

This one made me laugh out loud. I know, it shows my juvenile humor but I couldn’t resist sharing.Twinkle Tush

(I admit…this is why I have trouble catching up with blog reading—I’m easily distracted)

You too can have the Twinkle Tush for your cat! Just click on the link.

Happy Thursday!

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How Do You Catch Up?

I have a couple of ebooks downloaded that I read while—well, I have read the same couple of pages over and over because it’s so long between each time I look on my phone or iPad.

Anyway, I noticed at the bottom of the screen that I was being reminded I had so many minutes to the end of the chapter. Oh! The anxiety rush was on! How could I possibly do that when my mind wanders about every other paragraph. Then I learned there is a speed reading lesson in there. I changed the settings because I couldn’t take the pressure. :D

Needless, to say, I’m not a speed reader.

When I am without internet service for a week, or can’t seem to get time to catch up, I feel so lost about what I’m supposed to do. I try to read everything posted since the last time I checked in, and then I bombard my fellow bloggers with likes and comments all at once.


What to do, what to do…….


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Our Veterinarian is a Comedian

My big floofy cat had his annual with the veterinarian. He received his shots, I was told he needed to have his teeth cleaned–which I didn’t need to be told due to his dragon breath–and I was told he was overweight.

The advice I was given, was to exercise him. I received a reminder call to come in for a weigh in.

Ha! And Ha!

How does one make a cat of this magnitude exercise?



When he considers this exercise…



He is not tempted to follow little wiggly things, doesn’t chase a ball–pretending he’s a dog, only walks from room to room with an occasional jump on something.

He’s not overweight, he just has a lot of fur and big bones.

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Sunday with April #4

Not having internet service is killer, I have so much reading to catch up on.

Anyway, the following made me smile last week:

  • a bad storm but the rest of the day was beautiful sunshine

  • a man driving his lawnmower to the county courthouse—I kid you not!

  • the smell of the interior of a U-Haul truck rented in farm country. I believe the smell was captured for eternity within the cab of that truck.

  • my father in law’s sense of re-purposing his old coat rack :D

coat rack

I hope you find something to smile about today!

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Sunday with April #3

Let’s see….the following made me smile this week:

  • I have discovered I’m not quite the electrician I thought I was. I tried to switch out a thermostat to a programmable one at our little house in Nowhere. It’s something I have done several times. This time? The wiring is old. Anyway, I couldn’t connect the new thermostat so I reattached the old one. Now, the cool is the heat, and the heat is the air conditioner. What did I do? Heck if I know.

  • Flying. Now that I’ve tamed some of the anxiety surrounding it, I have discovered I hate flying. It could be the latest medication I have been given, but I can’t sit still. At all. Put me in a tin tube and I’m extremely fidgety. Thankfully I see my pill pusher soon because something has to go.

  • Sitting inside our little house in Nowhere watching a ton of fireflies out the window. We have them in Georgia, but have only seen that many at once while on a trek to photograph deer in a national battlefield park at dusk.

  • Watching the different type of parenting styles while in a restaurant. There was the mom and her three kids. She with her wine, her kids using electronic devices and acting out–one knocking his pop on the floor splashing the back of my husband. She continually barked at them. The mom and dad with their two kids using a paper and pencil to keep the kids occupied. No issues there. Then…the two moms with four kids between them, one mom grabbed the candle right off the bat, blew it out, and moved it from their table. A prepared mom for sure, reminded me of what I used to do–avoid all types of distractions. The only thing the mom forgot to get rid of was the container full of chopsticks. Which became toys.

  • Manipulating the shower door guy into changing the date to measure for the new surround. You know, that honey and vinegar type of thing. Hopefully, that means when we return we shouldn’t have to wait long to be able to use our newly tiled shower.

  • Finding a dress to wear to our daughter’s graduation. I haven’t worn a dress in about 10-15 years. The hard part is going to keep my legs from getting massive bruises or scratches on them. Oh, then I suppose I will have to find some shoes I can wear without toppling over while wearing them.

I hope you find something to make you smile today!

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Shhhhh….just listen

There has been a meme I have seen a couple of times on that dreadful social media site, Facebook, regarding listening. The quote reads something like we don’t listen because we’re too busy focusing on our reply.


I’m guilty because I worry too much about saying the wrong thing, saying something stupid….oh, I could go on but it’s called Social Anxiety and I have it. I have learned to observe and not give my two cents. I have learned that keeping silent helps me avoid a wee bit of self-hate.

Lately I’ve been listening to what I’m telling myself and I don’t like what I’m hearing.

However, it explains why I chose friends who weren’t really friends. Why I sabotage myself when trying to shed my 25 year old baby fat, why I see glimpses of accomplishments only to quash them before I can bask in the glow of a success.

You know what else I hear?

I hear that I can fix this now that I know what I’m telling myself. I no longer have to live this way but I need some help finding my way out of a lifetime of telling myself lies.

I have no fear about redirecting my thoughts because I’m a persistent little bugger.

Now….where do I start?




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Sunday with April #2

The following made me smile this week—

  • we have lived in the southern US for 9 years and I went to Waffle House for the first time. Guess what I had? A waffle. A pecan waffle.


  • this……6K2A9727a

the tile work is complete. We are now waiting for the glass surround and door.

  • dog humiliation. Happy 4th!


I hope you find something that makes you smile today!

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Do These Make My Feet Look Big?

Just total nonsense today because I’m busy doing everything other than what I should be doing.

I came across these shoes while surfing the internet. 2e11aac4225c3e47585deaf9c781a1e6

First of all, why?

Second, how does one actually walk in them?

I hope you’ve enjoyed my nonsense today.

Have a good one!

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